An Interview with Shamus Culhane An Interview with Shamus Culhane

An Interview with Shamus Culhane

(Courtesy of Ira Gallen)

  • David

    I had just recently started to reread “From Script to Screen,” and found it to be better than I remembered. I don’t care for the poorly drawn elves, but the text is insightful and succint.
    He looked great at 80! (“I had good muscles.”)

  • Seth

    Jeez, they could’ve bothered to spell the man’s name right in the titles.

  • dan anderson

    Great seeing this. I read his first book back in the 80’s, and have read it a few times since. A great history of american animation. I also lucked out one day when I strolled into a store here in Connecticut, that sold animation cels and silkscreen prints. There was Shamus! Pretty old by this time. I spoke with him for awhile until the owners realized I wasn’t buying a $400 print. They kind of excused me. I will never forget meeting the man. Thanks for posting this interview!


    Fantastic!!! Thanks for posting.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Culhane before his death and found him to be a wonderfully feisty individual in his later years. His books, “Talking Animals and Other People” and “Animation from Script To Screen” are worth tracking down.

  • Ron

    This is great to see. I read “talking Animals and Other People” a few years ago and I still re-read it often. The first time I read it I felt like he was speaking to me directly. The chapter about becoming a success at Disney was especially interesting.

  • Ben Culhane

    Shamus Culhane was my grandfather.

  • Kevin Culhane

    I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the film or the filmmakers (I believe it was an English production, because I saw it in England many years ago) who interviewed Shamus and actually showed footage of him drawing the fox from Pinocchio. I would love to get hold of a copy. Thanks for letting me “visit” with my dad again, it was wonderful to hear him and see him after all of these years.