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Animation Guild Interviews

Steve Hulett of The Animation Guild has started posting a wonderful series of audio interviews with the current “old guard” of Hollywood hand drawn animation. The first ten sessions are online now with more to come. My good friends Mark Kausler, Dan Haskett and Tom Sito (pictured above) relate some great stories of their almost 40 years (each) in the business. Other interviewees include Mark Kirkland (The Simpsons), Brian McEntee (Beauty and the Beast), Tim Walker (Warner Bros.), Robert Alvarez (Fosters Home), Ed Gombert (Little Mermaid), Bruce Smith (Proud Family) and Rubin Aquino (Lion King) – these are good long interviews, all worth downloading. Click here and enjoy!

  • Angry Anim

    Absolutely amazing how something like “Mr. Peabody” gets close to 100 comments and something like this has zero so far.

    These interviews are all fantastic. You really hear what animation is all about once you get beyond the art and actually work within the industry. It’s also interesting to hear the paths people have gone on throughout their careers… how one job leads to the next which leads to the next.

    Very cool stuff.

  • Frank Rocco

    I can’t wait to listen to the interview with Dan Haskett.

    Dan was one of my first animation heroes! When I was in high school, he would come come visit our animation class, along with Louis Scarborough, and they would inspire us with their skill and stories of being professional animators.

    Dan and Lou were always generous and patient, letting me flip through their sketchbooks or giving impromptu drawing demonstrations. They also introduced me to other members of the NYC animation community, even inviting me to share some studio space that they and others went in on.

    I’ll always be indebted to Dan and Lou for helping me, and who knows how many others, see that there was a world out there that we could be a part of if we tried hard enough and loved it enough.

  • Great to hear so many voices of the animation community shares their stories with us. Thanks to the Guild for making this possible, classic!