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“Animation Pals” by Pen Ward and Ian Jones-Quartey

If you are like me and enjoy everything animator Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) does – check out this new series of casual mini-webisodes Ward and colleague Ian Jones-Quartey have been posting every Sunday night. They’ve done three so far and they are a lot of fun.

In addition to the growing Adventure Time empire, Ward has recently launched a new series based on his other Random Cartoons pilot, The Bravest Warriors. Four episodes of the new show are online now. Good stuff!

  • wever

    So how is his friendship with Ian? It’s weird knowing of Ian back when he worked in New York City in the old, long-forgotten age of 2007.

    • Super awesome people automatically get friendship with Pen Ward. Or something like that. The list of talented people who work on Adventure Time amaze me. I even read somewhere that David OReilly is making an episode for next season!?

  • I started watching Adventure Time recently. Not only the most fascinating cartoon I’ve seen in recent years, but also the most addictive. I think I’m hooked now.

    Bravest Warriors is pretty cool too. His animation pal Ian is the voice of Wallow on that show.

  • i love simple animation
    that is clever and funny!
    i am simple as well.