“Animation Time” by Mike B. Anderson “Animation Time” by Mike B. Anderson

“Animation Time” by Mike B. Anderson

Still photos, shot on an iphone and edited together by Mike B. Anderson, showing a day in the life at Film Roman in Burbank and a crew hard at work on The Simpsons. Anderson is a long time director on the series. I’m a sucker for behind the scenes films; this is one of the best I’ve ever seen:

(Thanks, Jay Schuh)

  • Tobias Lind

    That was pretty awesome.


  • Look at how fast they draw. Who knew animation was so easy?

    Great video.

  • Meaf

    If it were easy, they wouldn’t still be working at night.

  • i just tripped out a bit.

  • mldmitry

    Cool video!
    Thanx for sharing (=

  • Interesting, very very interesting.

  • Toonio

    Great to see the life of somebody in the industry:

    Get to the parking lot a shake something behind the bushes before getting into the building.

    See your co-workers doing repetitive stressing jobs while spinning on the same spot while you do nothing about it.

    Go to an office in the other side of town just to eat pizza and donuts while goofing with the voice talents and their iPhones.

    Chasing a white SUV (down Rodeo dr?) and taking your sweet time to go back to the office just to see your co-workers burning the midnight oil.

    Looking at your watch just to realize the day is over and it’s time to go clubbing.

    Damn Wally, I didn’t know your worked for Fox!

  • Like Jerry, I’m also a sucker for behind the scenes films.

    This film had a unique approach and the frantic work day came across pretty clear. My only regret is that in this movie, the job just didn’t look all that appealing.

  • Emil

    We can see the Fox entrance on Pico, at the south end of Century City.