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Animator, with 8 Kids, Loses Home in Fire

Chad StewartKayla Stewart in front of her burned-out home. The caption from the Spokesman-Review says that Stewart is wearing her mother’s thirty-year-old coat.

Veteran feature animator Chad Stewart (Cats Don’t Dance, The Pagemaster, Surf’s Up, Open Season, The Polar Express, Fantasia/2000, Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove) lost his home in an electrical fire last Sunday while his family was attending church. The Spokesman-Review has the sad details. What makes the situation particularly tragic is that Chad and his wife, Kayla, have eight kids–four birth daughters and four adopted biological brothers from Liberia. A friend of Chad tells me that, “After sixteen years working the studios down in LA, Chad wanted to spend more time with his family and made the move to Washington, where he began freelancing full-time.” The family is currently looking for a nearby home to rent and acquire replacement clothing and furnishings while they rebuild their burned-out home.

A charitable fund has been established and donations can be sent to either of these two places to help the Stewarts get back on their feet:

Northview Bible Church
13521 N. Mill Road
Spokane, WA 99208


Chase Bank
12120 N. Division St.
Spokane, WA 99218

  • Nothing hits harder and faster than losing your home and belongings to something like this, and Chad being an animator I can’t imagine how much art and related materials were lost. It’s great to hear the whole family was out beforehand and unharmed though…even the neighbor saved their dogs! My thoughts go out to the Stewart family.

  • Fatty Lees

    Oh my God. I’m so sorry Chad, but I’m glad you an your family are ok.

  • Jamaal Bradley

    Chad.. all of your friends here at Disney send you good wishes. Everyone is happy you and your family are ok!!!!

  • Jeffers

    My sincerest sympathy to Chad and his family. I’m just glad that no people were hurt in this incident.

  • jen

    they should set up a paypal donate account. i think it would help bring in more donations.

  • Tony Bancroft

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Chad and his family during this immense trial. It is encouraging to see people surround them with love and support during their time of need. It’s one of the things I love about this small industry we are in. Chad has one of the biggest hearts I know and it is awe inspiring to see that he is not alone.

  • Teresa

    I live in the same city and saw this update on the local news.

    It sadly confirms the loss of their cat. :(
    Still thinking about and praying for you buddy.
    My heart goes out to your family.

  • Lennie Graves

    I am so sorry to hear about Chad’s tremendous loss. The only relief with such tragic news is that his entire family is unharmed, though I am sorry for the loss of their cat. Rebuilding can be a positive thing. I hope that Chad and his family approach it this way.