Ben Zurawski’s Flipbooks Ben Zurawski’s Flipbooks

Ben Zurawski’s Flipbooks

So you’re a 23-year-old unknown animator and you’d like your work seen by millions of people on national TV. How do you do it? For Detroit-based artist Ben Zurawski, it was as simple as drawing some flipbooks and posting them onto YouTube. A few weeks ago, one of them was shown on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Here’s the segment:

Zurawski has posted nearly thirty flipbooks so far onto the video sharing site. Some of them take on pop culture figures like Steve Irwin and Stephen Colbert, while others are fairly ambitious graphically and accompanied with sound, like My Disastrous Little Flipbook. His most viewed flipbook, nip-slip flip book (safe for work) has received over 450k views. Ben also accepts commissions to create custom flipbooks, starting from $55.

In this day and age of whiz-bang gadgetry and powerful digital software, Zurawski is proof positive that a lo-fi approach to animation can garner success online, and even get your work featured on late-night talkshows. Here is a link to a recent interview with Ben about his artwork in general.

  • skippy

    see, there is hope! animation hasn’t gone to the dark side yet!

  • It’s nice to see some good, old fashioned, pen and paper art.

  • Jake

    Nothing like the back-to-basics thrill of holding moving drawings in one’s hand.

  • Chuck R.

    Jerry had a good post a while back about “real-time” animation at the Asian Cup ceremonies. Someone mentioned flipbooks as another example, and I was glad he did. Another of course is the zoetrope.

    Gregory Barsamian is an artist that makes sculptures move in real-time using large-scale zoetropes that work with strobes. He had an exhibit at the CAC in Cincinnati almost a decade ago, and I was blown away by it.


    I remember doing this with matchstick figures when i was VERY young………it probably engendered more genuine creativity and happiness than if i were to sit in front of thousands of dollars of worth of hi-tech gear now. INTRUIGING how such a pre-historic, but still workable idea can still make an impact in the 21ST CENTURY.

  • I’ve enjoyed seeing Ben Z.’s flip books on youtube. It’s nice to see others who like to make them. I also do a version of flip books in an, new, innovative multi-panel format. My Dragonfly Flipz books can be seen on and (key work: flip books) as well as my own website. Take a peek I think you’ll find them interesting.
    I’ve posted a free (downloadable PDF) “Halo 3 – Flame thrower” sample Dragonfly Game Flipz on my web site.

    In the mean time, best of everything to Ben, and please keep up the good work.

  • Ben

    Thank you for the support my friends! You’re kind words make me smile.