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Bill Plympton’s School of Animation

After a successful 1st term last year, New York based indie animator Bill Plympton has decided to bring his School of Animation back for the spring. With limited enrollment, the 10-week school begins on January 18th and goes until March 22nd, every Monday night. The fee is $1,200.00 per student. Registration is on a first come basis. According to his press release:

“…you can now learn the secrets of animation from the Master. Learn how you can make amazing films that can earn money. Learn the tricks of drawing, design, layouts, storyboards, writing, humor, directing, backgrounds and editing. Learn the business of animation, budgets, funding, selling, distribution, festivals and cost-cutting tricks.”

No one knows the ins, the outs, the techniques and how to play the game like Bill. Call (212) 741-0322 or email at for more information.

  • Jonathan

    If I were in NY, I would do whatever it took to get to that school. If you have any creative desire beyond being a studio desk monkey, this is a golden opportunity.

  • Brian

    I’m trying to get a sense of Plympton’s reputation among the animator crowd… is he actually well-loved and received with open arms? Who does he appeal to?

    He’s the kind of guy I admire for going it alone and getting a lot done by himself throughout the years. The DIY attitude and everything is great, but I can’t stand looking at his films…

    Anyone agree?