Bob Camp Interview Bob Camp Interview

Bob Camp Interview

Visual effects shop The Mill has started posting monthly videos from their lecture series with various animation creatives – starting this week with director, producer and notorious Spumco big-shot, Bob Camp. Check out this Q&A between Bob and his friend, The Mill‘s Ross Scroble. Bob discusses how he got his start in the industry, how it’s evolved and why drawing is never going to go away. Good stuff here, worth a watch:

  • Insightful and delightfully awkward.

  • mike fontanelli

    Bob is an amazing talent.

  • akira

    Wow! He was one of the four or five that created Ren and Stimpy and founded Spumco? I didn’t know that… I really wish he would have explained how it happened that he took over the Ren and Stimpy show from the other 3 or 4 Spumco founders.

  • Toonio

    With all the drama around the Ren & Stimpy show rise and fall, I’m still pondering how nobody has brought a movie about it yet.

  • hotdogface

    Nice interview, interesting stuff.

  • Bob is the best!bestsellers

  • Siemasko

    Thanks for posting!
    Bob is great and very inspiring.
    He told me one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard about a bull that drinks beer.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Good stuff indeed.

  • your neighbour

    what a creepy interview!

  • One of the sweetest people you could meet Bob is a terrific person to work around. So talented.

  • Frank N. Stein

    Nice interview, but as an aside the Mill is a company that practices tax evasion with their employees. When the Mill hires an artist, they force them to pay ALL the payroll taxes themselves plus an extra fee on top, through a questionable “payroll service” called Yurcor. This nasty treatment of artists has been well documented by the Animation Guild and VFX Soldier.

    Please don’t give any attention to the Mill, they don’t deserve anyone’s respect.

    • your neighbour

      two creeps for the price of one then? heard of Bob C. bad reputation on Ren and Stimpy who dumped all his mates on the show for his own sake (and on robot boy who came along in a director in France and just cashed in without doing anything)but the other guy!!!

      • pixlink

        I bet you’ve heard of his bad reputation from fan-boy bloggers who weren’t there (I was while he was helping me get my own ideas made).

        It’s easy for a disgruntled former partner to set up the other as a Judas if the network fires him but not the other. One guy had to lose his job or hundreds more would have.

        Bob is the nicest guy I’ve worked with and he has helped hundreds of other people get up the ladder, something he needn’t do but he does. His motives and past actions can be explained by the art, it’s all that really matters.

  • elk

    Wow this is this the first filmed interview I’ve seen with Bob Camp.A true legend!