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Borge Ring’s Home Destroyed in Fire

Borge Ring

Good news: Ninety-one-year-old animation legend Borge Ring is receiving a Winsor McCay Lifetime Achievement Award this weekend at the Annie Awards.

Bad news: His house burned down yesterday. According to animation director Hans Perk, “A fire in the chimney ignited the thatched roof of their old farm in the south-east of Holland.” Thankfully, Borge and his wife Joanika weren’t hurt, but they lost everything including the Oscar that he won for his short Anna and Bella. Borge and his wife ran a bed and breakfast from their home, so in addition to losing all their possessions, the fire also eliminated their primary source of income.

Borge’s daughter Anne-Mieke Bovelett will be in LA to accept the Annie Award on behalf of her father. She has set up a Paypal donation button on her father’s official website and writes on the website that an official fundraising effort will be launched soon. This would be an ideal moment for the global animation community to lend a hand to a legend who’s suffered a devastating loss.

UPDATE: A fundraising website has been launched to help Borge and Joanika Ring. Go HERE to help out!

Here’s Borge’s Oscar-winning short Anna and Bella:

And here’s an earlier short he made Oh My Darling, which was also nominated for an Oscar:

(Thanks, Pieter van Cleef)

  • D

    Glad Borge and his wife are okay. It’s a shame that something like that would happen. Hopefully the pay pal account will raise some funds and his oscar can be replaced. Also kind of happy his great animated shorts weren’t lost in the fire.

  • Ed C.

    It breaks your heart. My thoughts and payers go out to the Ring family.
    That said, the Good-News/Bad-News opening of the article was tactless Amid.

    • amid

      There was no disrespect intended, Ed. It was a clear and simple way to describe the odd confluence of events in Borge’s life this week. Let’s focus on his personal hardship right now instead of debating how pretty I wrote a post.

  • Heart breaking. I’m so glad that they escaped from the fire with no physical injuries , but this is a heavy loss.

    Will definitely contribute to the fund via PayPal link on the website.

  • Justin

    I think the Academy should give him another Oscar to replace the one that got destroyed in the fire.

  • Good Lord! All that hard work gone in a blaze! As long as they’re still in one piece, that’s all that really matters.


    We can’t let the guy down.If you knew him you would help him without a question he would be like the sweetest granpa with a hell of a talent who would support you if you were in trouble. Mission paypal.

  • A week ago I discovered the sad story about Jack Dunham who became homeless and then this. I just donated.

  • James Fox

    That blows.
    Anna and Bella is a beautiful cartoon, I have it on a Image Entertainment DVD compilation of Oscar winning and nominated shorts

  • Nicolas Martinez

    Already donated. His work is beautiful.

  • Borge deserves our help – I wish I could do more than a donation but that helps. A lifetimes’ work up in smoke- dreadful. Andre Francois suffered the same. . . and Corny Cole too right?

  • Dear people,
    Thank you for all your heartwarming responses, you rock!!! Greetings and a big thank you from Borge, Joanika and myself.
    Anne-Mieke Bovelett-Ring

  • Wow! I was so taken with that first short, Anna and Bella. Now there’s a man who knows how to write women!

    Best wishes to he and his family.

  • First Corny Cole and now this. This is indeed heartbreaking, considering his beautiful work. :(

    Animators have got to make their homes fireproof. We can’t have more tragedies like this.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Boy oh boy… isn’t hand drawn animation GREAT! (When done like that.)
    Glad they got of out the house okay! And congratulations on the Windsor McCay Award.

  • I just found out (that’s what I get for neglecting my blogs) and sent a donation. I’m glad he and his wife and kitties are OK.