Chuck Jones Interview Chuck Jones Interview

Chuck Jones Interview

Eight years ago yesterday, Chuck Jones passed away. In 1998, Jones recorded a 3 hour interview with Tom Sito for the Archive of American Television. It’s a perfect way to mark the occasion:

(Thanks, Chuck Arnold)

  • epic.

  • Nightmare Is Near

    May he rest in peace. He was a true legend and loved the animation industry very much.

  • Bob

    I love the man, but they really should of stuck a soft filter lens on that camera.

  • He really was a champion or champions . . . what an amazing talent that used the mediums limitation to never limit him!

  • Anonymous

    @Bob: LOLLLLL

  • God bless you Chuck Jones

  • A great, great guy!!

    Thanks for posting it.

    I was extremely lucky to be invited along by Tom Sito to this recording at Chuck’s home. Before the interview proper, Chuck graciously invited us into his study where he entertained us with off-the-record observations about his colleagues in Termite Terrace.
    The study walls were lined with awards and framed
    photographs of meetings with American presidents, Chuck’s own life drawings and a beautiful Glenn Keane rough animation drawing of “The Beast”.

  • FP

    Dood. 674-meg download. This one is going be burned to DVD to watch later.

  • I’m a confirmed Chuckaholic (of the Jones kind)

  • Great interview! It’s nice for those of us who never met him to hear him speak candidly about his career.

  • sporridge

    Thank you. I had the tremendous luck to see him in person during the 1985 Miami Film Festival, hosting an afternoon of Looney Tunes in their rightful place at a 20s movie palace. Response to Chuck was so thunderous I thought the eight floors of the office building above would come tumbling down.

  • Ian Merch

    That was wonderful. I definitely recommend listening to the whole thing. It’s not totally necessary to watch it for the most part, so if nothing else you can put it on in the background while working on stuff.

  • in 1987, the now defunct Circle Gallery in Chicago threw a 75th birthday party for Chuck Jones – a black tie affair, celebrating his work. The Michigan Avenue space was filled with his huge original paintings of Bugs, Daffy, etc. Dozens of original production cels were for sale as well.

    As a fourteen year old animation fan, I spent many hours at the local mall, where they had an outlet for their gallery. Somebody apparently knew I’d be excited about a chance to meet Mr. Jones, and suddenly my parents were taking me downtown to meet the man himself.

    I prepared for the occasion by creating an 18-inch long Bugs Bunny birthday card – working carefully and doing the best that I could. Upon giving it to him, he laughed, “This is great!” Then, pointing to Bugs’ waistline he added, “I think ole’ Bugs needs a good meal!”

    Cloud nine, people. I didn’t have any friends who liked animation enough to care about my brush with greatness, and no blog to tell the world about it. But it’s always been a special little memory: not just that I attended Chuck Jones’ birthday party, but that I gave a guy a hearty laugh who’d provided so many to me.

  • Bill Field

    You know, his talents should be celebrated, but it is a shame on most historians that they do not show the “whole” Chuck, “warts” and all. He was a horrible boss to many, Art Davis and Mary Blair, the most prominent.There are several different accounts of crazy things he did as the VP of Kids TV at ABC. Tell the whole story- Michaelis had to make up dirt for his book on Charles Schulz, the Jones rampages are well documented, and have been out there for decades.