Chuck Jones/Friz Freleng Canadian TV interview (1980) Chuck Jones/Friz Freleng Canadian TV interview (1980)

Chuck Jones/Friz Freleng Canadian TV interview (1980)

TV Ontario, a public broadcaster in Canada, has an amazing archive online and here’s one for us. It’s an episode of Talking Film (1980) which compiles two interviews, one with Chuck Jones, another with Friz Freleng, with interviewer Elwy Yost originally conducted for a series called Saturday Night at the Movies. Much of it we’ve heard before, but there are a few new nuggets of information and opinion – and its certainly worth a view to spend a few more minutes with Chuck and Friz:

(Thanks, Mark Conolly)

  • This is great Jerry! I’m going to have to post it up on the CAR site. I grew up on Elwy Yost. He showed some of the coolest movies you just never saw anywhere else (pre video and pre specialty channels). He gave tons of background and commentary around the screenings too. Strangley, his son went on to write Speed and Speed II.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I feel I missed out on that era since I didn’t realized I could sometimes pick up TV0 from an indoor antenna in my bedroom! Didn’t know they have an online archive now! For those of us down here, we might remember this channel more for having produced the series “Today’s Special” which aired on Nickelodeon and other channels back in the 80’s.

    • Gerard de Souza

      Yup. First place I saw many classic films was on Magic Shadows, in which he’d show one film throughout out the week. Fridays was a serial like Nyoka. Saw Fleischer’s Superman and the Popeye two-reelers for the first time on his Saturday Night At The Movies. Thank you, Elwy.
      I remember seeing this episode when it was originally aired.

  • dronon

    I’m glad that other folks here have mentioned Elwy’s earlier TVO show, Magic Shadows. Its opening was animated, with an appropriate theme song. Nebulous, dream-like, surreal, even a little grotestque, but somehow compelling about the flickering light of film – you can watch it on YouTube.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Damn, they didn’t get Jones to comment on his beloved colleague Bob Clampett.

  • Elwy had me on his shows several times over the years.
    I’ll have to check the archives to see if I’m in there.

    On his retirement episode, they aired a quickly edited compilation of old guest appearances and I got to watch my hair disappear.

  • I love TVO… and I love these directors.

    Nice to see and hear a Friz Freleng interview and what his views are.

    Thanks for this post!

  • There’s more interview footage with Friz Freleng in “Bugs Bunny Superstar” and “The Boys From Termite Terrace”. Both are featured on the Looney Tunes DVDs. The majority of Freleng’s cartoons play like incredible exercises in the value and precision of proper comedic timing.

    The influence of Jones and legends like Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and a handful of others at this time should never be overlooked! They worked like crazy to keep the spirit of the art form alive at a time when the general public found it little more than a cute curiosity and very rarely ever took it seriously.

  • MGH

    Freleng and Jones were interviewed on the same episode of a late-night show in the 1970s. Anyone know if there were other times they were interviewed together?

  • There is also an interview with Chuck filmed with the late Peter Gzowski at CBC around that time. I know , I was there. After the taping Chuck came down to the back and talked to our group of students for what seemed forever. He was a massively generous man who never hesitated to give his time to kids. Through out my career he gave his time over and over again. He seemed to love it and , he was great at it.

    One last note on Elwy, he was the biggest film fan ever. Every show he did , every film he showed an audience he did with a bubbling enthusiasm based on a true love of film. He loved animation and forever showed things like Mighty Joe Young or Hubleys of Stars and Men. Canada should build a shrine to Pierre Burton,Peter Gzowski and Elwy Yost. Between them they did more terrific interviews than anyone I know. My absolute favorite being Elwy’s interview with Frank Capra. All film is connected and a love of it is essential. Elwy loves film and we love Elwy.

  • God

    I love it, I would like to see this on YouTube in High Quality now that is something interesting for Chuck Jones or Friz Freleng fans out there to listen to.