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Cool Animated Titles


If you are a fan of animated opening titles, as I am, you’ll want to take note of these three items:

• A special tribute to Bob Kurtz is being featured on the Forget the Film, Watch the Titles website. Kurtz has done a number of distinctive animated film titles, mostly in cooperation with top title designers. So far the site has posted seven: City Slickers, Max Dugan Returns, Are We Done Yet?, The Pink Panther, Straight Talk, Honey I Blew Up The Kid and Four Rooms – and more to come. Kurtz himself contributes comments on every sequence posted.

• Here’s a new animated film title you really should see. It’s a remarkable piece, heavily inspired by the work by Oskar Fischinger, created by Paris based design studio Deubal, for the recently released French film Ça Se Soigne?. Comments by the title’s designer, Olivier Marquezy, also appear on the Submarine Channel site.

• And finally, an incredible oversized 320 page book which surveys the history of movie title design has just been released by BIS Publishers. Uncredited: Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies sheds insight into the work of dozens of title designers, including such artists as Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder and Milton Glaser. It retails for $55, but Amazon has it for $34.65. Highly recommended.

  • Chuck R.

    Cartoon Brew did a posting on this wonderful site when it launched, and it’s well worth periodic visits. The Bob Kurtz additions are a real treat for someone who will always associate Kurtz with Kitty Salmon and Dinosower DNA. Keep up the good work, guys! A request: opening credits for “Catch Me If You Can”!

    It may be worth mentioning that “Uncredited” comes with a DVD, which is probably indispensable. Any word on how many examples of opening credits discussed in the book are on the DVD?

  • norman mclaren did the same thing, danse macabre and all. still, very cool credits!

  • MJ

    THANKYOU! I’ve been looking for a hub that housed a bunch of great title sequences like this one. I just bought the book – I’m already crazy about it. Great link.

  • That was remarkable. I love a good title sequence. In fact I’d rather take an animated sequence than an episode of family guy (but then again what wouldn’t i rather take than an episode of family guy?)

  • I heard from good source that the Uncredited book received a rather cold shoulder over in the States from book distributors – a state of paranoia with regards to a certain copyright issue and a mighty Hollywood movie industry.

    The book is indeed a must have for all people serious about this often neglected area of design. It brings together a wealth of historical information as well as inspiring stills laid out in a thoughtful and readable manner. It is the only book to tackle film titles on such a large scale and should undoubtedly become a reference for all budding future title designers.

    The Submarine Channel is doing a great job at making a fine selection of quality works in the field and I hope it will continue to develop. For those who enjoy film titles and want to learn more about what is happening in France, Designflux, a magazine devoted to motion design will shortly be publishing a focus on designers for titles (including Deubal) – not forgetting an interview with Richard Goldegewicht and his feature length documentary on long lost title design legend, Pablo Ferro.

  • Tom Pope

    Best titles ever: “Charade.” Great music and cool stars don’t hurt neither.