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Corny Gets Aid

Tina Price of the Creative Talent Network went to Cal Arts on Tuesday and gave Corny Cole a check on behalf of the animation community. Cole, a veteran animator and educator, lost his home and possessions in a fire last month. CTN’s online fundraiser raised $12,168 thanks to the donations of his many colleagues, fans and students (and quite a few Cartoon Brew readers). Photos of Corny receiving the funds are posted here.

Our sincere best wishes to Corny Cole!

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    That man is amazing. And he should be treated that way.

  • What a relief. There is nothing to stop people from making further contrinbutions to Mr. Cole, I’m sure. Thanks for posting this.

  • The CTN online fundraiser closed on Oct 24th but if you are still interested in donating you can make a check payable to Cornelius Cole and mail it to:

    California Institute of the Arts
    ATT: Trish Patryla, Office of the Provost
    24700 McBean Parkway
    Valencia, CA 91355

    Thanks for your support,
    Tina Price
    The Creative Talent Network
    Are you connected?

  • student

    I was fortunate enough to be in his class when they brought him his check. It was very touching. Hehe… Corny made jokes that he would take the money and flee to Mexico.

  • I’m so happy to here about people’s amazing support for Corny. Make’s me smile!

  • Jean Gillmore

    Tell Corny I have copies of some of his old (political) artwork he had given me 20 years ago, and I would be happy to hand them off to him if he would like!!! (Also, a very funny original caricature of hime talking “surfing”, by the equally funny Alfred Gimeno!!!

  • Stephen Loizos


    I somehow knew you’d never give me that original drawing of me as Don Quixote…
    Anyway, I was glad to bring you some cd’s and some art books after that horrible fire, going to miss the integrity of you my friend…