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Daily Christmas Card (#11)

To “Pat and Kenny” everywhere, Seasons Greetings from Freddy Moore and Cartoon Brew.

(Courtesy the collection of Tim Walker)

  • Ink dipper

    Merry Christmas.
    What a wonderful drawing! Like all us drunks tend to do, Fred drew himself drinking. Take it easy this Christmas!

  • John A

    Now THAT’S a Christmas card! I hope all of Fred’s pals got a personal drawing and they saved and cherished them for the gems that they are.

  • Huston

    That would be cuter if that hadn’t been how Fred died…

  • Uhh, according to what I’ve read, it’s a popular myth that Freddy Moore died from driving while drunk.

    Back to his Christmas card…It looks so frickin’ effortless, yet there’s so much thought put into this drawing. Freddy’s even got his left leg wrapped around one leg of his chair, so when he stands up, he’ll fall flat on his face! Brilliant, appealing stuff.

  • TheDirtyVicar

    His legendary fondness for the grape, comically acknowledged here, was really more of a “generational” thing, shared by many Golden Age greats. I’d start drinking myself, in a heartbeat – if I thought it would make me animate as well as they did.

    • Ink Dipper

      There’s a painful difference between fondness for the grape and being an alcoholic. Alcohol can loosen you up and many artists used to (and some still do) embibe a few to get into the swing of it. Ronald Searle famously uses pink champagne, he calls it his engine oil. But some unfortunately need to increase their dose and when that little switch that controls your ability to moderate breaks, your work goes down the drain. Fred Moore’s last bits of animation show the signs of how much he had to struggle in the end. Art Babbitt told me a story about Fred falling out of a second floor window, after a long liquid lunch. That can’t be excused by “generational thing” in any generation.

  • At the Snow White wrap party Fred fell out a second floor window drunk andlanded in a bush , he walked away unhurt.Art Babbit used to say Fred Moore had “Drunk Luck”.
    Joe Morrison was Freds assitant at the end of his life and he told me Fred would come in to work at 10:00 hungover, Joe would pour him a glass of Bourbon he would drink out of a straw. Ten minutes later he would say “come on Joe lets
    go” and for 3hours gold flowed of his desk.He then left for lunch and wasen’t seen again till the next day.

  • Brad Constantine

    Great pose!!..I like the one foot behind the legs of the chair. There’s a great balance to the design as well with the chair turned sideways! The table even infers weight! Happy Holidays Everybody!! Be thankful there’s a Cartoon Brew to share all this great stuff with us!! now go try and copy that pose from memory!!

  • Great drawing. So expressive!

    Though, whenever I see that “blue” pencil line, I cringe!!

    I abandoned that pencil in my first year of animation ;)