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Dave Wasson’s New Site

Dave Wasson

Animation director and designer Dave Wasson has launched a new website DaveWasson.net packed with examples of his design and animation work. Dave is currently directing the Nick series Making Fiends based on this webcartoon. In the past, he created Cartoon Network’s Time Squad and directed the animation on Disney’s first Flash series The Buzz on Maggie. He also does a lot of TV commercial and film title work, such as the Wisconsin Lottery spot shown above. And to top it all off, he’s the director of what is, in my opinion, one of the funniest and all-around solid animated shorts of the past decade: Max & His Special Problem.

  • rachel

    I’m interested to see how making fiends fares as a nicktoon . . . I followed it as the episodes were released and always thought it was so hilarious.

  • thank you rachel! i got to do storyboards, animatic aaaand animation on that show. the schedule was amazingly tight, and dave’s demands were really, well… demanding, but i was glad to have been apart of the that show and was excited to hear about dave’s annie win.

  • Dan

    Yikes, I hope he paid Shag royalties for completely ripping off his style for the Wheat Thins commercial.

  • Hey Dan, Shag actually did all the layouts for that Wheat Thins commercial himself. Way to jump to conclusions!

  • Jorge Gutierrez

    Congrats Dave!!! The new site is amazing. It’s great to see your plethora of animation & design styles grow while they all manage to maintain your unquestionable imprint.
    You are my hero.

  • SUPER-talent! :)

    Always been a gig fan of Mister Wasson, and i agree that ‘Max’ is one of the best shorts goin’ in a LONG while!

    Besides Time Squad I also LOVED those ‘Oh Yeah’ shorts he did
    quite a while back, Tales from the Goose Lady… I remember ‘Hamzel and Grande’ and the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ take where Jack was a beatnik who owned a coffee shop w/ his mom?! great stuff!!! :)

  • FrankG

    Not to mention, shag is the single biggest rip off artist out there…and he’s not even a very good artist.

  • Sandra E.

    Hooray Dave! It’s about time!