Doop Doop Doop Doop

Doop Doop

Disney animator Rob Corley (Mulan, Lilio and Stitch) has posted this fun little (80 second) pencil test he made around ’94 or ’95, produced during down time at Disney Animation in Orlando, FL.

Corley explains on his blog:

I wanted to play around with squash and stretch so I decided to start animating straight ahead and see how many ways I could change the character….after many moons, and after my hand almost fell off, I went back and just created a set up and ending to the piece to finish it off. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun to do.

Rob is now co-owner of FunnyPages Productions with Tom Bancroft.

  • OM

    …Man, that must have been hell on his carpal tunnel! Notice how the last 30 seconds of that clip after the curtain ran down there’s AbZero animation at all! That’s almost as wicked as drawing a picture of a polar bear building an igloo with the Ajax white knight at the South Pole in the middle of a raging snowstorm :)

  • David

    “Notice how the last 30 seconds of that clip after the curtain ran down there’s AbZero animation at all!”

    Well, OM, you win the “Mr. Snarky Pants Comment” award. Sheesh. No pleasing some people .

    (So, did you happen to notice all the animation before the final curtain ? The final curtain ,with the sporadic clapping, obviously being the framing device he added later on for ending what had essentially been a romp with some fun squashy-stretchy animation … )

  • That was a great little film.
    It would be neat to see it in full color…

  • OM

    …Guess you missed the :) at the end of that. Nothing “snarky”(*) about my comment at all, but a simple observation about a plot effect device that obviously saved the artist some effort – and, by his own admission, some discomfort.

    [shakes head in mild dismay]

    (*) Always did hate that word, simply because of late it’s used far too often as a weapon of retort in lieu of logical diatribe.

  • Peter Vincent

    That was Great! I think we turn out some of our best work when we’re not really trying, when we’re just “playing around”

  • i lost 50 something lbs…..and i STILL resemble him!


  • Sorry , OM, I missed the :) smiley. Rob’s a pal of mine and I know how hard he worked on that little short , so I jumped to a conclusion about your (intended to be humorous) comment .



  • Very high marks for timing and absurdity. ‘Laughed out loud at the unexpected flying in circles bit. I also genuinely appreciate the roundabout way this was created for fun’sake. My “snarky” side, however, was driven a tad on-edge by the “doot-doot” track to the point that mid-way through the end-credits I had to shoot my Macbook… but that’s just me.

  • Question for someone with more knowledge of the production side: how hard would it be to get this coloured ands completed, rather than showing the animation in pencil form? I appreciate this is just a fun little novelty but surely 90% of the work is done?

  • OM

    …This begs the question: does it *need* to be colored and finished? Would it lose its particular charm if it were fully rendered as opposed to simply being a pencil test?

    …Remember Jim Reardon’s Bring Me The Head Of Charlie Brown? Same thing probably applies. Both were tests/experiments, and while you can take a Futura and get the superior Batmobile, somehow I fear that a “finished” version of this clip would ruin what makes it so damn charming.

    But what the frack do I know? I don’t make cartoons, I just watch the damn things :P