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EXCLUSIVE: CTN Expo speakers include Glen Keane, Tyrus Wong, Syd Mead, Brenda Chapman

One month to go.

The Creative Talent Network Expo (aka CTN-X), now in its fourth year, has established itself as the premiere character animation conference in the United States, if not the world. Attendance is virtually bursting at the seams of the Burbank Marriott – and yet, CTN head honcho Tina Price tells me that tickets are still available to Cartoon Brew readers if they use the special discount code – BREWX12 – which is good for any 1-day and 3-day general passport.

Why attend? For starters, we’ll be there with a table on the exhibit floor and are hosting a Cartoon Brew cocktail lounge in the lobby. If hanging out with us isn’t enough – how about these incentives:

• CTN-X opens with a few words from director Brenda Chapman (Brave)
• Keynote Speaker Glen Keane
• John Musker interviews Argentinian caricature artist Pablo Lobato.
• 102 year-old Disney Legend Tyrus Wong (Bambi) has confirmed his appearance in conjunction with a documentary-in-progress Tyrus Wong: Brushstrokes in Hollywood.
• Legendary futurist Syd Mead will be doing a seminar about his design career.
• Gaming panel with Doug TenNaple, Creature Box, Michel Gagne and the guys from Halon and Blizzard Ent.
• Sneak peek of Rise of the Guardians at the Dreamworks Animation theater on the studio lot.
Wreck-it Ralph screening on the Disney lot, in the big theater.
• Gkids will screening all of their new Oscar-qualifying features at the nearby Laemmle NoHo 7.
New Talent Spotlight featuring 10 international animators, including Jacob Wyatt, Faye Hsu, Elena and Olivia Ceballos and from Madrid, Nacho Rodriguez (I’ll be doing a Q&A with him).
•Other guests include illustrator Jean Baptiste Monge, and the key personnel from Blue Sky Studios.

Not to mention drawing workshops, parties and an exhibition hall with over 100 artists, schools and companies represented – including Stuart Ng, Walt Disney Animation, Dean Yeagle, Wacom, Focal Press, Ryan Woodward, Stephen Silver and on and on…

There’s really too much to mention. The whole thing is one giant artists’ party – and a fantastic networking opportunity. You really should be there. For more information, check the CTN website.

  • Paul N

    Thrilled to see there’s going to be a gaming panel – animation jobs encompass so much more than TV and features these days. Can’t wait!

  • Thanks Cartoon Brew for your continued support of the talent at CTN. This year we are proud to announce our Exhibit Floor Only passports at a reduced rate that include the Main Hall, New Talent Showcase, Book Signings and Live Demonstrations. See ya there!!

  • Hey, thanks for the shout out! (regular viewers of CB) Tina is going to out do herself this year! Because of her, this will be our first CTN experience! It’s going to be great. :)

  • :-/

    I’d love to go but man, it seems crazy expensive. even w/ a studio discount from my current employer I’m looking at $150!

    Some artists aren’t starving but they ain’t eating at Arnie Mortons either… yikes!

    I’d love to go but that’s pretty steep Jerry

  • Floyd Norman

    I always enjoy the expo and have been attending the show since it began. Plus, it’s an opportunity to meet all the animation greats I already know.

  • Paul Burrows

    I really love CTNX and I’m definitely going, but I really wish that it was a lot cheaper with this ecconomy, its a hardship.

  • I guess all conventions are kinda expensive, but CTN is a bargain considering how much is there. Plus the Burbank airport is across the street, attendees who fly can walk to the convention. And there is low cost food in the airport area, much cheaper than the grill at the convention center.

  • Don’t miss Google Doodler Matt Cruickshank’s talk on Sketchbook work http://crookiesblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/ctn-x-2012.html

  • Maybe now we’ll FINALLY hear what Glen’s been up to. I mean, surrrslee!! And how about Andreas and Ruben and Mark Henn, etc…can Amid or Jerry help us out here?