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Artist of the Day: Fabien Mense

Fabien Mense

Fabien Mense is a visual development artist and comic book author. He recently developed the character designs for a French television production called Robin Hood—Mischief in Sherwood (mentioend here) for Method Animation. A few examples follow—click on most images in this post for larger views:

Fabien Mense Fabien Mense Fabien Mense Fabien Mense

Fabien’s packed fantasy compositions require concentrated viewing to soak in all of the detail and little moments that he inserts into the artwork.

Fabien Mense Fabien Mense

For more artwork, visit Fabien’s Tumblr and blog.

Fabien Mense
  • Fabien Mense

    Wow, thank you, it’s an honor to be here.

  • Fabien Mense

    Thanks Niko. Tadpole Dee is on hold right now, If I can release the project, it will certainly be a sort of Illustration book (tale/encyclopedia). And of course in my wildest dreams, it would be an animated movie !

  • Patrick

    Sadly I have not been following this guy, but something about it strikes such a cord of a (sounding too deep) combo of fresh and familiarity. I would trade all the cartoons on Nickelodeon and a few of cartoon network to see a show that was made by this guy….just don’t get the writers of uncle grandpa to write it (man that show was a letdown, I loved that pilot)

  • Emily

    Super inspiring.

  • Funkybat

    Wow. Stunning stuff! It’s almost as if someone took the best of the European graphic novel scene and blended it with Miyazaki. I can’t wait to see more!