“Fear Me Not” by Malika Whitaker “Fear Me Not” by Malika Whitaker

“Fear Me Not” by Malika Whitaker

Sensual rotoscope animation about “overcoming the fear of commitment”, Fear Me Not by Malika Whitaker:

  • Gray64

    Really very beautiful. Masterfully done! The only complaint I had is that the two women looked a bit too much alike. Could have been easily remedied by giving her partner a different hair color or body type.

  • Most intelligent use of rotoscoping I’ve seen in a good while.
    Didn’t have the problem Gray is describing.

  • Steve

    I loved it. Normally I can’t stand rotoscoping, but this was a mixture and came out very well. And the story was incredibly sweet. Brava!

  • Iritscen

    Yeah, this was really well done, and it speaks on a universal level. It’s probably relatable to anyone who’s been in a relationship.

    • Definitely, it’s about love regardless of genres in the end.

  • The Gee

    I’m not gonna read into it too much why the two characters did look similar. Didn’t have a problem with it though because sometimes it doesn’t matter. The main character was distinct enough that it didn’t matter.

    After watching it, all I can state is Whew! I was worried for a while there…things got kind of choppy in the middle. I didn’t know how it was gonna end.

    That mentioned, it is decent storytelling. And, I’ll echo that the rotoscoping (if it was partial or mostly*) wasn’t distracting. I guess there were so many scenes and it was paced quickly enough that it was more effective as compared to some use of rotoscope.

    *hopefully, all the character animation wasn’t entirely rotoscoped and was just well done. It is possible.

  • Thank you for your comments.
    I never realised the two characters looked a bit alike, but I guess the narrative doesn’t leave much room to confusion about who’s who, right?
    I hope you liked the music, any comment is warmly welcome!

  • Thank you so much everyone for watching and taking time commenting the film. I’m very touched. thank you

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