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Five Amazing Annecy Signal Films Created by Gobelins Students

Yesterday the Annecy International Animated Film Festival came to a close. For everyone who was unable to make the annual jaunt to Haute-Savoie to bask in the excellence of the graphical beaux arts, the festival has its own way of simultaneously enticing you and making you feel bad about your creative self. By this, we mean the signal films.

There were five signal films in total, conceived, designed and as usual, beautifully realized by the students at Gobelins.

The Retake created by Maxime Delalande, Nadya Mira, Semiramis Mamata, Laurent Moing and Rayane Raji
Sawa created by Camile André, Janis Aussel, Clément Doranlo, Maud Girard and Jong-Hyun Jung-Boix
Copernicus created by Elssa Boyer, Anne Courtin, Myriam Fourati, Sarah Simon and Pedro Vergani
The Fancy Family created by Debora Cruchon, Eve Ceccarelli, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Batiste Perron and Simon Masse
See Saw created by Marlène Beaube, Marion Bulot, Thibaud Gayral, Guitty Mojabi and Raphaëlle Stolz
  • Jen Hurler

    Wow. Goeblins never ceases to amaze. Such high, consistent quality, and great little stories told in just under a minute. I love how the films all a little related stylistically but still retain their own individuality.

  • Alex Dudley

    Jeez, why don’t these guys hurry up and make a movie already? They’re stuff is phenomenal.

    • jmahon

      well they’re a school, not a production house. The quality of their shorts is so high, because they have several talented students working on one short, fulfilling the role they’re best at, versus North American schools which heap the entire process onto one student where it’s almost impossible to do it by yourself. Studio Trigger in Japan built on top of the Goeblins idea by training students in a studio environment, and their final work actually becomes a real production feature… but until that’s done elsewhere, it’s going to be what sets Goeblins and Trigger apart. Last I heard, VFS in Canada was planning to implement a program that was similar, so maybe it’s about to get started over here?

    • UsaMiKo

      If it makes you feel better, two of the students from this school are actually working on a film right now. The guys who made the Gobèlins short “Burning Safari” just recently Kickstarted a movie called “Batz”. It 2d visuals with CGI mechanics. When or where you’ll be able to see it is isn’t very clear, but it looks gorgeous.

      • Moreover, a lot of these students have public portfolios and news online. Everyone should follow them!

  • last one killed it

  • Nabila

    Allo, Cal-Arts ? Allooo ? Where are you ?

    • Hankenshift

      CalArts’ primary focus is on CHARACTER Animation.

  • joel brinkerhoff

    It’s great to see such wonderful stuff in a media hailed as dead. If we only were more visionary than cynical.

  • James Madison

    Not disparaging CGI, because I like it as well, but between the Signal Films and the work of Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace found here on CB –

    I’d say 2D animation is in great hands.

    • jmahon

      It’s always a little infuriating hearing “2D is dead! 3D has killed it!” when 2D is living happily, just not in the US… like, everything revolves around American animation. The US has a sort of monopoly on high-end 3D animation production right now, and it’s rare and slow elsewhere, yet people still are insisting it’s “choked out” traditional animation and so on.

      I’m just bitter that all these wonderful films aren’t making it to US theaters. For those who have seen it, think of how well Ernest and Celestine would faire over here!! It’d be huge, easily on par with Ghibli films if the dubbing was given the same amount of care. I haven’t heard any plans to have it released, though, and that’s a tragedy.

  • Hans W.

    Wonderful stuff, as usual. Great that they used the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ at the end of “The Fancy Family”.

  • Mike Scott

    Just got back from Annecy. Was great, Amazing seeing one or two of these on the big screen.

  • Great stuff…kudos to “Fancy Family” for using the The Wilhelm Scream.

  • BabyJesusIsInAManger

    I wonder why people still like 3D when these guys are fucking awesome at 2D???