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“Flapjack” Creator Thurop van Orman Wrestles Fan in Ottawa


The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack creator Thurop van Orman has taken fan interaction to a whole new level. This video (reposted HERE) recorded during the Ottawa International Animation Festival, which is happening right now, shows Thurop wrestling one of his fans to the ground. Here’s the setup, according to Andrew Stewart, who filmed the action:

A few of us were talking with Thurop (guy who created the show Flapjack.) and Steve Smith faked wrestled with him, but then Thurop took him out into the bushes. Steve then challenged Thurop to a 2nd match 10min later and this is that match!

Rest assured that this kind of wrestling is considered perfectly normal by Thurop, and according to Stewart’s followup tweet, might even be a kind of kinky foreplay in the van Orman household: “Thurop said he loves to wrestle and he does that with his wife too. He said she cheats by pulling his beard.”

Add this as one more reason why LA artists should consider attending Ottawa: if you’re looking for a good place to bodyslam your fans into the ground, Canada and its universal health care system beckons!

  • Oh yeah, I can see Thurop doing this type of stuff. That’s one of the reasons why he’s in my list of favorite creators.

    I loved “Flapjack”. I wonder if a complete collection DVD will be out eventually.

  • Wow. Just…wow.

  • Vic

    Slow toon news day?

    • Dead End

      Not at all. Pendleton Ward and Thurop gave a talk at the festival, and the story about him wrestling a fan came up. It was a hilarious and for those who were able to attend, seeing the video is a real treat.

      Too bad the video’s down now :(

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    …. so what were some of us thinking about cartoon creators being professional?

  • Priory

    Not sure if cartoon creator or homeless guy…

    • For what its worth the nickname fans gave him when “Flapjack” was on the air was “Filthy Hobo”, which Thurop himself began using to describe himself.

  • I have always been on the fence about attending the Ottawa Festival. This settles it. Thanks Thurop! I’m buying my ticket ASAP.

  • I’m loving the creator/fan relationship. Not everyday you hear about a good natured wrestling match between the two. Orman is definably an impressionable guy! I look forward to seeing what he produces in the future.

  • I wonder how many executives he had to wrestle to get FLAPJACK on the air?

  • DonaldC

    A very interesting man.

  • Hulk

    I wrestled Thurop once. I’m twice his size but he lifted me up on his shoulder and body slammed me on the ground. T’was all in fun but even so, one should never underestimate a little guy with a gentle demeanor. It’s all a facade :)

  • Jumpman

    And this is why I love Thurop van Orman.

    Man has a mean beard, too.

  • i LOVE flapjack! and this makes me like it more!

    i totally would have gone to ottawa this year but somehow i feel like i never hear about it until my friends are carpooling to get there the weekend of. do they just not really advertise much or do i not read cartoon brew enough?

  • V.M.L.

    I’ve met Thurop before. He’s awesome, so I’m not surprised by this. X)

  • Toonio

    Lots of alcohol and street fights at night? That’s Ottawa all right.

  • Well just before this he was wrestling Pen Ward, they got so into it that they almost made it out to the street. This totally made the festival for me!