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Fons Schiedon

Fons Schiedon

Dutch animator and illustrator Fons Schiedon has a lot of impressive work on his website, and none more so than the educational piece Teen Facts: Hormones, which employs a beautifully-executed split screen concept and features some really fun and appealing animation. The short is currently screening at the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. Also it’s worth noting that Schiedon is currently art directing a new children’s TV series, The Incredible Adventures of Kika and Bob which will air this fall on Discovery Kids in the US.

Below is an interview with Schiedon from designFLUX where he talks about his work and influences.

(via Motion Design blog)

  • Thanks for introducing me to Fons and his Teen Facts–Hormones film. A fascinating animator! I look forward to seeing more of his work. I’m visiting today as part of Blog Day. I hope to return to learn more.

  • red pill junkie

    Completely mind-blowing!!

  • Chuck R.

    Wow! That’s the most creative piece of animation I’ve seen in a long time, and probably the most amazing and educational film I’ve ever seen, period. (no pun intended) I don’t think my jaw has dropped this low since you posted the trailer to Triplettes of Belleville.
    THIS is why I come to the Brew regularly! Thanks!