“Footage Loose”

DreamWorks animators David Stodolny and Steve Meyer created this little short, filming all over the Dreamworks campus, during breaks over a three week period. Says Stodolny, “For all you animators out there. Or really just about anyone who has had a crappy day.”

  • Scarabim

    Livin’ the dream.

  • Toonio

    Funny thing with all those campuses and nobody outside enjoying them. Go corporate paradigms go!

    • fats

      it was shot on a Sunday.

      • Toonio

        Well that’s even worse, because most likely people are chained to their desks from Monday to Friday and don’t get some needed sun. And I’m not even talking about using a Sunday to crack some jokes instead of being with the family.

        Despite of the potential rapes and being shanked, jails give you gym, 3 meals and an education (if you want). What corporate America gives you?: headaches.

      • fats

        you need to switch to decaf.

  • David Gibson


    miss you guys

    • Abel


      Ditto :)

  • I love animation… but animators are a really, really strange breed of artist.

    • TBW

      Animators; we retain both the best and the worst aspects of being children.

      That and we’re generally a little awkward/shy and probably don’t get laid quite enough.

    • “I love animation… but animators are a really, really strange breed of artist.” That’s almost exactly what Gore Verbinski said to me at the Annie Awards ^^

  • ctrayn

    This is genuinely awesome.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Who knew that animators could move like that?

  • Marie

    This made me laugh more than Dreamworks’ movies!