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Frater Films

We’ve posted about Benji Davis and Jim Field’s Frater Films before (their music video Out on the Water is still one of my favorites). They’ve been chugging along making several nice commercials and videos since – check this page for some of their highlights. They have a new short film in development – Grub (pictured above) – and are currently seeking funds to produce it. A teaser trailer is online here.

Their studio works in a variety of techniques. Here’s one of their best spots, for Oxfam, animated in After Effects, using vectors and a few handmade rubber stamp prints for the patterns:

  • Eraserhead meets Bug’s Life? Definitely an interesting character design and interesting that they achieved such a macabre tone with such glossy cg.

    I love the Oxfam spot. Nice sentiment. I’m going to go give away my tuba!

  • Oh my, I love that Oxfam spot as well. So simple, yet speaks to me on so many levels, artistically, ethically, aesthetically. Well done!

  • Hah,ha! That little guy is great-lovely design, the placement of his legs his ridiculous! Really intriguing teaser-somebody give ’em some cash to finish this thing!

  • Chuck R.

    Brilliant work by Frater Films. I’m impressed!

    Not to take away from the brilliance of the piece, but the Oxfam spot is essentially a crisp veneer on a pretty old concept: Anyone heard of garage sales? hand-me-downs? Thrift stores? St. Vincent DePaul? I guess nothing’s a good idea until a left-wing group puts their spin on it. I’m an avid recycler anyway, so I guess I can’t be too cynical —whatever works for the newest generation.

  • Davidd

    Whoa, it’s good times fifty! Great, sensitive work.

  • Our Savior’s Birth

    gorgeous work! thanks for the links!!!

  • Nice trailer. Eraserhead, Bug’s Life….do I also detect a bit of Dave Cooper influence in there?

    I’m imagining a day when we’ll be seeing viable feature length indie films that look like this….