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Fred Boot


Fred Boot is a French graphic designer and cartoonist who has been living in Hong Kong for the last 6 months.

He’s started a nice blog and has a pitch for an animated TV Series, The Shakers — both worth keeping an eye on.

  • Fred Boot

    Thank you very much, Jerry. Your favorite cocktail is waiting for you in Hong Kong.

  • Some fantastic illustration, and with a great sense of style that feels sort of retro but at the same time modern, and timeless. I’d love to see his series get made!

  • I like the illustrations. For the pitch Mr. Boot may want to go through and fix some typos. Otherwise could be fun.

  • This looks pretty cool! I look forward to whatever becomes of this project.

  • William Ansley

    While the idea of any new animation deliberately designed to appeal to teenagers/adults (and not to young children) is very welcome news, I think a show made up of such a mishmash of concepts could easily go horribly wrong. One thing I am sure of, however, is this series will never be shown an American broadcast television unless the idea of Mr. Ubik getting his super powers by consuming alcohol is dropped.

    Some of the typos are inadvertently hilarious: “… sometime light, sometime dark, just like a smocky piano-bar can be.”

  • Fred Boot

    Thank you for your comments (but I can’t offer a cocktail to everybody, I’m sorry :) ).

    I’m going to do my best to fix the typos (and check seriously this inadvertently hilarious sentence too… when I understand why it’s so hilarious :) ).

    I know that American or French broadcast televisions can’t show a TV series like the Shakers. I still hope that the new media like webTV (for example on Joost) will offer more opportunities to show this sort of series designed for old teenagers and adults…

    Maybe I’m wrong but I want to try…

  • JK

    Hey, Fred! I am in Hong Kong too. What project are you working on here? I don’t see much opportunities here. The studios are too small. They don’t have the money to hire an extra pair of hands. All the productions are sent to mainland China, India or the Philippines.

  • Fred Boot

    Hi JK,

    You’re absolutely right. The problem is there’s a lot of money here but nobody stops one second to examine if we could make something really exciting with. Culture in Hong Kong is very low, more than in Beijing for example. Business, business, and business, nothing else.

    But I don’t only focus on HK for my project. And everywhere it takes a lot of time to do exactly what we want to do.