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Frédéric Back’s New Website

Frédéric Back

Animation legend Frédéric Back (Crac, The Man Who Planted Trees, The Mighty River), who turned 83 this week, has launched a new website at Currently, the French version is functional, while the English version will go live next week. Even with only the French version available, I couldn’t resist linking to it because the site is phenomenal. It’s a comprehensive site featuring dozens of autobiographical pages documenting Back’s career with plenty of photos and artwork, video examples of all his animation including his commercial work from the 1950s and ’60s, and many galleries of Back’s illustrations and paintings. Definitely a fitting tribute to one of animation’s greats.

  • Wonderful ! I love Frédéric Back’s work. Thanks for the link.

  • trace

    oh WOW. what a gem– I was only recently turned onto Back’s work. I’m astonished that his name was never uttered in my years as an animation major.

  • Mr. Back is for me just there next to God! I loved his absolutely perfect “Crac!” and managed to kiss and congratulate him when he received his Oscar. That was a highlight of my animation life.

    He is to be treasured as gold; a rare artist of great talent and dedication, a sensitive man, whose eyesight is failing it seems (I saw him using only one side of his glasses?). Does anybody know if he uses only one eye? He is even more amazing than we know!