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John Kricfalusi has been drawing Hanna Barbera characters all his life. Thankfully, he saved it all. Now he’s collecting his HB art, published or unpublished, finished paintings, notebook doodles – everything – and posting it on a new blog: John’s Funky HB. Check it out now!

  • Look like some one been taking drugs !!!

  • I want to see the “early years” drawings…like age 12.

  • Some Guy

    “Look like some one been taking drugs !!! ”


    I can’t believe in this day and age, we’re still so shocked by surreal things and weird humour that we’re automatically assume the artist is on DRUGSLOL when we see it.

  • I.R.
  • J Lee

    Gives you a good idea what H-B would have looked like if Ralph Bakshi had followed Carlo Vinci from Terrytoons to California and been given Ed Benedict’s job at the new studio…

  • TheGunheart

    Frankly, they’re just as boring as the originals, only now they’re intentionally ugly, too.

    Can’t really say I care for that “lower-torso pointed forward, upper torso pointed straight up” that pretty much every character he draws has.

  • oh, let’s count how many people decides to attack Kricfalusi on the comments… people just tend to do that everytime he gets mentioned here. That’s not healthy, is it?

  • Ron

    Begin countdown to appearance by John K.’s great internet defender… see ya!

  • EJ

    [polarizing comment]!!!

  • Billy Batz

    Hey TheGoonheart,
    You think the Original H&B designs are boring? LOL!!! The best designs are behind us my friend.

  • Inkan1969

    I’ve been dubious about Spumco’s take on classic HB characters. Their ideas in their shorts as to how the Yogi Bear and the Jetsons characters should behave didn’t ring true to me.

    One thing I do like about their artistic style, though, is their freedom from being “on model”. I tried to learn how to draw a few Disney and Warner TV characters a few years back, and I noticed that they have a limited range of what they could look like, because they had to stay on model. Spumco characters seem to me to have a much larger range of appearance. So when I draw a Spumco character, I feel I have to put a lot more imagination into exactly how it looks.

  • For being such a knit-picky fellow, he sure did bastardize Ed Benedict’s original designs. But, you gotta love him any ways.

  • Geez, and to think, I don’t even like those Hanna-Barbera ‘toons in the first place!

  • George

    Well, I guess I’m the minority, but I love ’em! I think the HB characters in particular are ripe for this type of treatment. CN/WB had done some pretty fun and creative things with the characters on those Boomerang interstitials (I know the music oriented ones are called “Groovies” but I can’t remember if the one’s I’ve seen for Quick Draw, Secret Squirrel, etc. have the same name), sometimes completely altering the design of the characters. They did one for Quick Draw McGraw where he and Baba Louie look more like a real horse and mule, with the inverted knees and everything. I mean really, HB has always been “fun” or “off” with the original designs of their characters, just look at the knickerbocker toys! I just wish WB would license more off-model product of classic HB characters, “urban” or “designer” vinyl if you will.

    Look at what Funko is doing with some classic HB characters soon:

  • Some one out there had a bad childhood !!!

  • I can’t see anything wrong with artistically exploring old or pre-existing characters and character designs. Blogs can be very good for showcasing this type of doodling and experimenting.

    Oh wait…This is an opportunity to rag on John K. I get it now…

    Brewies will be brewies :)

    Separate note: To any animation students…John K. has a lot of great animation drawing tips on his regular blog,, that help with basic character construction. The internet has amazing resources for budding animators and cartoonists, if you just know where to look. I’ve been watching Sherm Choen’s for his generous tutorials on (digital) Artrage painting and Illustrator inking. Awesome awesome awesome.

  • joe

    I always enjoy seeing what John has to offer. You never know what you’re going to get from him, but you can expect not to be bored with it.

  • Mitch Kennedy


  • OM

    “I can’t believe in this day and age, we’re still so shocked by surreal things and weird humour that we’re automatically assume the artist is on DRUGSLOL when we see it.”

    …There’s a BIG diffference between surreal art and something that looks like the “artist” just scribbled incoherently and then did a technicolor yawn all over it. That’s *my* opinion on John K’s “art”. I never liked Ren & Stimpy, and I damn sure didn’t care one iota for his Flintstones: On The Rocks either. I see nothing appealing about his work, and it still stymies me when I try to figure out why so many people do like it.

  • TheGunheart

    HB is pretty hit or miss for me. I have kind of a soft spot for Ruff and Ready, but so many of their designs feel like they’re just…there. What’s worse is how TV animation, after briefly trying to emulate film quality in the early 90s with Disney and WB’s output, has pretty much returned to limited animation with the prevalence of Flash.

  • Rodrigo

    John K used to be good at making kids laugh.

    Why so much hate on here?

  • I love these. I’ll visit his new site often. I love the original HB cartoons, but also love how it’s possible to do to wacky things with the designs and still maintain their appeal and they do have appeal. They are some of the most popular cartoons ever made.

  • I’d love to see his version of the Scooby Doo gang. He frequently bashes their designs for being sinfully ugly. I’d like to see how he’d improve things.

  • Keith Paynter

    Ranger Smith is wearing a rubber nipple hat!

    John is a no-compromise kind of guy. He has actually influenced more modern cartoons than you might think. Not just the obvious ‘Cow & Chicken” or “Rocco’s Modern Life” knockoff’s, but his influence can be felt in HB/CN shows like “Powerpuff Girls”, “Fairly OddParents”, and even Dexter’s Laboratory”, in both pace and design.

    He also made the Capitol Hi-Q library and Raymond Scott cool again. Now who can argue with that?

  • uncle wayne

    I, for one, think that this is super-DOOPS!! I always loved his HB spoofs (especially when Ranger Smith changes looks 87 times in one film (which he almost did in “real life!”

    A riot! And being a FELLOW Hanna-Barbarian…I salute him!!

  • I think people confuse John K’s work with his reputation…

    This is great stuff, and I find it very hard to understand how anyone who loves cartoons could not like Ren & Stimpy.

  • acetate

    Love ’em. John’s the bomb ya’ll.

  • Paul N

    “John is a no-compromise kind of guy. He has actually influenced more modern cartoons than you might think…”

    You’re giving him far too much credit and denigrating the work of other artists, all at the same time.

    I went to school with the creator of one of the shows you mention, back before anyone had heard of “Ren and Stimpy.” That guy was working in the style that ended up in his show back then.

    Might as well comment on another post too while I’m at it: there is no such thing as an inverted knee. More study of animal anatomy is called for…

  • anonymous

    these are awesome, holy moly!

  • I love these designs. I have doubts whether I like his take on the characters in the actual cartoons. I guess Boo Boo Gets Wild was ok, but a little slow paced.

    Also if you love the characters as John K. does, I am not sure whether it would be more adequate to make a cartoon more similar in tone to the originals instead of making an underground parody of them. One thing is to change the drawing style, other thing is changing the tone of the story and characters personalities overall.

    It’s fine to me cause I never really loved HB all that much, apart from The Flinstones and Tom and Jerry (which John finds boring). But if John K. eventually got a chance to do a Bugs Bunny cartoon I’d probably prefer a content similar in tone to the original rather than a more “adult” version of it. But just changing the designs is fun and all.

  • OM: John had nothing to do with “Flintstones: On the Rocks”; It was done at Cartoon Network by the crew of Dexter’s Lab & Powerpuff Girls.

  • George

    Hey Paul M.

    “there is no such thing as an inverted knee. More study of animal anatomy is called for…”

    Please accept my apologies for not having said “hock” or “point of hock”, I was just trying to describe a more anatomically correct Quick Draw and Baba Louie walking upright in as simple terms as possible.

    However, if it bugs you enough, I’ll continue to use the incorrect term whenever possible.

  • Paul N


    Just pointing out that ankles aren’t knees. It’s the neighborly thing to do…

    Using simple terms isn’t the same as using inaccurate ones, especially if they suggest you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

    However, if it comforts you to think you’re bugging me, by all means continue.

  • I like this hockneeeeyyyed argument. I have to side with Paul though, it appears George is having a conflict with his ego. Back to the subject at hand: John K. I love him for Ren and Stimpy-forever. And, for the volumes of valuable bloggery he shares. But, I’ll say it, I haven’t found his work appealing since Ren and Stimpy. From what I’ve observed, he gets way to caught up in the final line nuances, and may be loosing sight of the character within. Though, I do think these HB re-conceptions are kick ass. He managed to put his stamp on them, while staying true to the design language. The same goes for those awesome rubber figurines of the candidates. I’m not trying to put him down because I think he’s amazing. But, I think I speak for many who think there is something intangible lacking.

  • Guy

    Why so much hate on here?

    Well, you see… John K… criticizes cartoons.

    If dramatic music conveying a sense of eldritch horror didn’t well up in your mind, you must not participate in the animation community much.