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Glen Keane Draws

Glen Keane lectured at CalArts a couple weeks ago. Below is a short video of Keane drawing the Beast and explaining some of the design ideas involved in the character’s construction. If you’ve got a lot of free time, you can watch an older Glen Keane lecture on YouTube; beware though, it’s broken down into 18 parts.

  • Tom

    I was at this lecture and indeed it was very inspiring. Glen Keane, although humble about his work, is definitely one of the greatest animators alive.

  • Yeah, he made some really good points about illustration in general.

  • I’d go further and say he’s among the greatest in the history of the medium.

    I’d love to see a tome, analogous to Canemaker’s 9-old-men book, devoted to some of Disney’s current talent, including Keane, Deja, Sanders, Henn and others. Thankfully, we have magazines and blogs for the time being.

  • Amid, thank you. Off I go. . .