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“Go Animate” by Harry Partridge

  • That’s funny.
    I’m surprised Family Guy isn’t animated with that program. It already looks like it does.

  • That was brilliant! Animation is meant to move and flow, to express and evoke emotion, to explore creativity, and to evolve beyond still pictures. But when an animation limits itself to just standing, talking, non moving, and emotionless characters, it stops being an animation. It becomes creepy.

    • cijfer

      Animation isn’t “supposed” to do anything.

      If you make an animation using almost nothing but still images it can still be art ( ), when if you use it to bounce and squash and stretch all day long it can still be crap.

      Go Animate! is a great toy for people who want nothing more than this. No one is saying “let’s replace all animation with it”. Quit whining.

      • Luke

        Animation, BY DEFINITION, is to give life to, go animate is neither art or animation.

      • wow, didn’t know UPA’s the Tale Tell Heart was made in Go Animate

      • Very sorry, guys. I just feel passionate for animation. Please forgive my overreaction.

      • Conor

        Yes, quality animation can be produced with a limited number of drawings, but the drawings themselves should still be quality and custom made for each specific moment in the story. We’ve probably all heard the saying, “animating is acting with a pencil”, and the most important part of acting is specificity, if an actor just plays a vague emotion like “happy”,”sad”,”angry”,”insane”, etc., then they’re not very good. A great actor, like a great animator, should strive to convey emotions specific to each instance, and the animator can only do that with custom expressions and poses, which you can’t get out of something like “Go Animate”. Now, if you’re writing is good enough and you work within your limitations, it might still be possible to produce an entertaining product with these programs, but you still couldn’t call the animation quality by any standard.

      • After reading your comment and other people’s comments, I realized that any form of animation, including “Go Animate”, is a just an artistic tool to tell a story. In a way, I tried to see this in a different view, as a new challenge: Is it possible to tell a story with programs such as “Go Animate” that can be just as good as a story animated with traditional animation or digital programs?

        If so, then it makes animation open to all, including those who can’t afford to spend long lengths of time drawing frame after frame, or to spend a lot on expensive programs.

        After rereading the comment I made above, I felt like I suddenly became a enemy to animation. I feel like a backstabbing fool to the very thing I love. Animation is a wonderful tool that can use in any form. I wish I can take back what I said, but it’s out there now.

        No more will I think like this, instead I will explore all forms of animation and be open to it all. (let’s see what awesome story I can tell with “Go Animate”.)

      • Richard Bradford

        I also see it that way.

      • cijfer

        Wow. Didn’t expect, coming back, to read this.

        Reading back my comment, it was a bit too harsh. Especially now Amari made such a turnaround, I feel a bit ashamed:)

        But Im glad I got my point across:)

  • that lad is very funny I have to say

  • Yay! Well said

  • Toonio

    Without Go Animate none of the McFarlane shows would be on air. (wink, wink!)

  • Bravo! GoAnimate is just writing. If you can write really well, it can be funny. But it’s not animation by a long shot.

  • Harry Partridge – you are my HERO.

  • Blake J

    Here’s a quote from the founder of GoAnimate in the comments section:


    You have some very funny animations, nicely done.

    I created GoAnimate because I was trying to make a cartoon and I couldn’t do it. I’m not an artist and it’d take me months to make a good looking cartoon. The idea behind GoAnimate is to make diy-animation more accessible to everyone and so in turn attract more people to learn how to draw and become real animators.

    Think of us as a bicycle and making animation like yours as a motorcycle.


    Alvin Hung

    Founder // GoAnimate”

    His intentions seem to be good, but his method is clearly wrong, and the fact that he’s not an artist worries me. Discuss. :-)

    • So basically the reason Mr. Hung created GoAnimate is because he is a lazy, untalented hack who can’t draw worth shit, and would rather decieve people in believing that the animation process is crippled and easy process, let alone decieve them that they’re making animation AT ALL.

      Somehow I’m not surprised.

      …and now HarryPartridge removed the video. Damn.

      • Paul N

        Maybe you should reserve some of your outrage for shows like Family Guy, which are doing more to destroy quality animation than a little-known program like Go! Animate ever will.

      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        At least this guy made something instead of whining. And yeah, when you make anything and put it out there, you open yourselves up to bitchy know it all criticism. But again, at least he made something. The only real thing that destroys animation is people not making it to their own hearts desires. MacFarlane did, and it payer off even if it anger others.

    • snip2354

      If he wants to get people to be interested in the possibilities of animation, and to be inspired to make some more real ones themselves… GoAnimate! doesn’t do that! No one’s going to be inspired to make something better! They’re just going to be a lazy artist with nowhere to go!

  • “Go Animateâ„¢” looks perfect if your idea of “animations” [sic] is limited to “just standing, talking, non-moving, and emotionless characters” as Amari Harkness mentioned above.

    This send-up by Harry Partridge is great. (The first 0:16 seconds could pass for an actual production shot from Family Guy.)

    • Jorge Garrido

      “if your idea of “animations” [sic] is limited to “just standing, talking, non-moving, and emotionless characters”

      So you mean the Fox Network’s idea of animation?

  • Baron Lego

    Very funny and true!

  • As much as I hate Family Guy.
    Guess what? STORY IS KING.

    So who gives a F about the animation software.
    South Park is shit too ,and audiences laugh.

    part of Family Guy´s timing and humour comes from the jerky lazy animation.

    • DNAndy

      Implying that Family Guy has story.

      • Very well scratch that then. CONTENT IS KING.

        The purpose of the damn show is to make people laugh is it not?. Then it does its job well.

        Trust me I hate his type of humour relying ONLY on pop culture references and racial stereotypes as much as the next guy.

      • Krakatoe-a

        Man. A lot of animated shows (like Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon) has animation which completely distracts from the content (which in this case, was eight episodes of homophobia, so whatever.) Seth MacFarlane is smart enough to get out of the script’s way. Maybe its not the most entertaining to animate. But there are other shows out there. Family Guy shouldn’t apologize for being popular.

      • Funkybat

        Family Guy and it’s spinoffs are successful sitcoms. They are enjoyable mainly because the writing is funny and the characters are memorable, if derivative. Family Guy’s art is mainly an excuse, a means to an end. That “end” is the ability to portray totally unreal things from time to time, such as the “chicken fights” or some of the more outlandish situations all three shows feature. I actually think American Dad puts this method to the best use.

        Another show that gets a lot less hate, but essentially employed the same method was King of the Hill. Most of what happened on KOTH could have just as easily been done in live action. It was funny mainly for the writing, the “art” was just a bit of icing on the cake. Bob’s Burgers is a little more “cartoony” but seems to fit this mold as well.

        The “animator’s animators” of the world will never love these kinds of shows, because they don’t really use the medium to anywhere near it’s potential. I have resigned myself to the “animated live-action comedy” being the dominant paradigm for primetime network animation, at least for the foreseeable future. The suits think anything that tries to be more cartoony in prime time will sink as fast as “Capitol Critters” or “Fish Police.” Sadly, they could probably put the new Looney Tunes Show on in primetime and it would do well, given how talky it appears to be. At least it would be an improvement, art-wise, from most of the Sunday Night block.

        Online media seem to be a lot more open about other kinds of animation. I just hope that anything destined for release in theaters maintains at least the level of animation of the better-quality direct-to-video 2D films. I dread the day animation as limited and simply-designed as Family Guy hits the silver screen. Family Guy works for what it is, and that’s it.

    • Brian

      The weird thing is, even though the animation’s not great, it’s got a very distinctive style with the use of cut-out animation. They’ve also gotten a lot better as the series has progressed- Imaginationland had some awesome crowd scenes where you could see every single imaginary character hopping about. It’s no Miyazaki, for sure, but the intentionally crude style fits the tone of the show and allows them a quick turnaround for current events (see “About Last Night”).

      • Not only that, but in “South Park” the style works really well because it’s partly supposed to look like the kind of cartoon that some 8-year-old boys would make. That’s why the sick humor is tolerable. It’s a good example of someone who doesn’t know how to draw working around their limitation.

  • I was waiting for another guy to come in and kick his butt.

  • Kelfeth

    God forbid someone want to play with a silly little program! Dude needs to lighten up.

    • snip2354

      Indeed! Everyone knows all cartoons in the world should be fluid, sleek, and advanced, just like what Harry’s saying!! Because everyone is the same everywhere EVER!

      Take a rest.

    • Jorge Garrido

      God fordbid someone would make a satirical animated cartoon video. You need to lighten up.

      • Kelfeth

        It’s like “Cartoon Brew: The Animated Movie”.

  • Steven M.

    That video rings so true to me.

  • AltredEgo

    I appreciate the sentiment, but Harry is wrong.
    GO Animate! could be used to create brilliant animation if the artist is capable of using the technology to it’s full potential. By Harry’s logic, silhouette animation shouldn’t be used because it’s not as good as Flash or 2D.
    This whole thing is the exact same thing that people said about Flash when it came out. The old-timers swore that the end was nigh, until people started doing great things with it. Then everyone got over themselves and said, “Flash is just a tool”.
    People cried that drawing was still important until a bunch of animators who couldn’t draw to save their lives ended up being brilliant 3d animators. Then everyone got over themselves and said,”3d is just a tool”.

    Go Animate is no different.
    It can be used to make simplistic animation or something brilliant.
    It’s just a tool.

    • Jack

      They see me TROLLIN’! They Hatin’

    • hauce

      Go Animate isn’t a tool, it’s a gimmick. It limits creativity to the written word.

      If you’re a talented writer how about working with a animator and create somthing with meaning.

    • Funkybat

      I don’t think most people here are claiming that GoAnimate CAN’T be used to create “art.” There are many talented artists who can channel their creativity into even the most mundane media and tools and come up with something thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing, and original. The issue is that this service is being marketed primarily as a way for those with no or limited drawing ability to “create” cartoons. It’s main raison d’etre is this. If someone comes along and creates really original and clever stuff using the limited tools, more power to them as an artist. But that will be the exception to the rule.

      I suppose, ultimately, the same could be said of many other art media. Consider how much utter schlock has been called a “film” over the years. The number of movies that are considered artistically inspired and executed are far outnumbered by mass-produced “entertainment” that usually fails to entertain anyone with a triple-digit IQ. That doesn’t mean “film” is an invalid art form. Not to mention how many bad animated shorts there are out there, stuff that isn’t even “bad in a good way” enough to develop a fringe following. that doesn’t mean animation is an inherently uncreative medium.

  • Nathan

    I’ve seen funny stuff made with go-animate, and it was funny because of *the dialog* basically what it was made for, amusing conversation, with spec of emotion.
    but yeah, I hope people don’t see it as animation, and see the difference between the two.

  • Real animators would never use Go Animate.

    They would use

    • Xtranormal is essentially GoAnimate…in THREEEE DEEEEEE!


  • corey

    Someone needs to throw Happy Harry a wad of cash & let him make a feature. Or whatever the hell he wants to make because he’s awesome.

  • Graham

    I’ve seen Go Animate grow in popularity among my subscriptions over the past month, and it really bugged me because of the bland animations they produce. This is similar to the previous Xtra Normal, a similar program that made hideous CGI cartoons and the same robotic voice.

    I’m glad to see someone tear programs like these apart. Go, Harry!

  • Matt P.

    Harry posted this in the description for the video in regards to reaction its been getting:

    “For the record I am indifferent to the software. I have no problem with people wanting to create animation with it for fun as long as those with loftier ambitions aren’t letting their skills stagnate. I spent a lot of time with 3D movie maker as a kid because I didn’t know how else I could create animation and I really wish I had discovered flash sooner. Brad Bird began his first animated film at 11 years old so you’re never too young to start!

    So please remember that my animated counterpart is a caricature in more ways than one; I didn’t really jump on a horse when Skyrim was announced and I’m not about to go postal on someone who wants to use some gimmicky animation software, just consider the alternatives.”

  • Awesome! Software & amateur vs animator discussion aside I still love it when animators use the principles of animation to animate and even more when an animator uses them to reinforce his opinion.
    What are principles you say?

  • Ryoku

    Rubbish, sadly this program will probably catch on though, like how most webcomics have adapted Penney Arcades cheap, easy to draw look.

  • Katella Gate

    I think the gay lobster needs his own show.

    • Luke

      Only if he was paired up with the robotic GoAnimate Harry, and the hand drawn animated Harry.

      • snip2354

        No. Kill GoAnimate!Harry.

  • Johnno

    Geez a lot of elitest doomsday peeps in here. I think it’s great that little programs like these can introduce people to tools to make some funny stuff or help kids get into animation.

    Nobody is saying that it’s better than real fluid animation or something. People obviously recognize quality animation when they see it. But a neat tool for everyone else to have some fun isn’t bad.

    I’m sure Harry knows this too, he’s also just having some fun at Go Animate’s expense.

    If people can begin animation with Flash and Go and move onto learning more proper animation then there’s nothing wrong with it. If they want to just stick with easy tweening stuff on layers and make entertaining cartoons on Youtube, then fine. You guys act as if these people will be using this to apply for jobs at Pixar or someplace.

    Not everybody has the chops to be great artists and animation isn’t easy, but they’d still like to have outlets for some creativity however limited. I happen to love a web series called Broken Saints which has an awesome storyline and fantastic comic style illustration and that was done entirely in Flash. God forbid some creative people get recognized for their passion through simpler forms of animation. A lot of Japanese anime is low budget stuff, but I love it a hell of a lot better than the bulk of American stuff because despite how fancier and moving Animation standards of animation tend to be they’re just boring kids stuff most of the time. You know this to be true.

  • I sure am glad that stilted Family Guy character got beaten up, and that a full-animation character came in to exercise dialogue driven humour built on gay panic and pop culture references instead. Truly the correct order of the animated art form has been restored.

    • Funkybat

      As far as many traditional animators are concerned, the number of keys and inbetweens, the arcs and fluidity, etc. *are* what is important.

      Notice how many people loved (myself included) the “Disney Universe” segment of that “Road to the Multiverse” Family Guy episode. It had killer animation paired with pop-culture parody, pedophilia & Jew-bashing jokes. Essentially the same content as any other FG ep, but with great animation.

      While it’s well and good to call out hypocrisy when it comes to complaints about “artistic merit,” I suspect many people are already aware of it and don’t care. They’d rather watch Hercules or Brother Bear than Family Guy or South Park, because they care more about visuals than laughs.

  • Professional

    Go Animate! is really fun. I’ve made a bunch of stupid films with it (rather experimental). There’s no reason for everybody to feel threatened by it – it’s for non-animators to make little silly films for their friends. or just for themselves.

    Go Animate is silly, sure, but it’s both fun and non-threatening because of how unbelievably limiting it is.

    • Funkybat

      And to think, some of you thought Flash would be the bottom of the barrel when it came to animation….

      I don’t think things like Xtranormal or GoAnimate are big threats to animators with actual artistic talent. But there is a certain degradation of the art form that occurs as the idea spreads that anybody and his brother can make a crude animated cartoon in no time. I picture a lot of average people seeing limited animation that has some kind of actual artistic merit to it, and dismissing it as “just like what my brother did by typing dialogue into a web form and clicking “render.” People may become less inclined to recognize the talent of actual animators, if short cartoons become some kind of throwaway commodity.

      Hopefully, people’s ability to distinguish real cartoons from bot-generated faux-toons will mean they can enjoy stuff like Xtranormal and GoAnimate for what they are, while still appreciating and enjoying cartoons people animated themselves as a whole other kind of art form.

  • I used to work for a company that would take a persons idea and turn it into a working prototype (usually didnt work). People would pay about 14 grand for this process and would only get crap. The CEO of the company would always tell us that he wanted to create a company where everyone would have the opportunity to invent something. It was all a crock because behind the scenes we were able to see this place for what it was, a “SCAM”.
    (im taking the long way but this story will come together)
    Before i was let go (for being too cool:)) they were in the process of beginning a whole other side of the company that would take peoples reality show ideas and turn them into pitches for studios. There is 1 video editor and 1 sound guy. Seriously!
    When i realized GoAnimate was real, i could only think of it as a scam. Yes, people may need an outlet to express their creativity, just the same as they need 50 different deodorants to choose from. Things are to readily available to people for minimal work. When i realized that i had a passion to create animated cartoons, i went to animation school. The sudden decline in the quality of TV animation is not by accident. People want their cartoons so lets give it to them quick and cheap. As the future continues to roll by us, im seeing more of a decline in the quality of things. Wall-E had it right. Soon you’ll be able to do everything without doing anything.

  • The Gee

    Gotta say that Democratizing Animation so that Everyone can Express Themselves is pretty much crap.

    There’s just too many other ways that people can express themselves. There always have and always will be.

    I’m never going to try to jump into an orchestra pit and start fiddling around. (Well okay, I might and you’ll hear about it if it happens…) But, there’s other ways I can express myself. Some are easy while other ways are harder.

    In general, people should not think that just because they Love taking in someone else’s expression in some form that they, too, need to express themselves in that same way.
    We don’t *need* to have the chance to make stuff that is like the stuff we take in.

    The day that sculpture critics and sculptors are saying Democratize Sculpture! Free the Chislers! Rise Up, Ye Welders! That’ll be a day too far.

    As it stands, if those who Can Do Something Do Want to Do It then let ’em do it. Let ’em sculpt.

    If those who Can’t try and Do, let ’em try but there’s little reason to wish for it to be common. Like I said, there’s other ways we can express ourselves…

    I’m all for common. But, wanting to raise something up as an ART or an ARTFORM and then saying it should be Commonplace and as E-Z as an E-Z Bake Oven Cake….man…. That’s how come hobbywork and craftwork seems so manufactured instead of being expressive. And, too much Expression! is when expression just becomes noise.

  • Something about the otherwise fantastic punching and gesturing animation felt off, then I remembered both Harrys only have four fingers. Really good stuff.

  • Lamont Wayne

    Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but…

    It IS just another tool. I sympathize with the purists, but you sound just like you did 15 years ago about Flash. “Flash will never be popular because everything looks so flat”. We all know how that turned out.

  • TempleDog

    It’s a goofy animation plaything for the regular folks to use to get a lil’ taste of what we as animators can do. Maybe it gives someone a glimpse of how animation works, and gets ’em hungry for doing the real thing. Or maybe it just puts a goofy grin on somebody’s face after a bad afternoon. Let it go, fer corn’s sake.

  • TET

    I’ve read so many negative comments towards GoAnimate from so called animation ‘purists’ in support of Harry’s video that I’d be embarrassed to stand along side any of you and support what you do.

    Any real animator would recognise GoAnimate as just another a tool and just another way to create an animation (and YES it IS animation). All those characters on GoAnimate were animated by talented animators so that people could use them to create their own stories, music videos, jokes, social commentary, series etc. etc.

    Sure kids can use GoAnimate to create animations. Just like kids can pick up a pencil and draw animations frame by frame. It’s not about the tool, it’s about who uses the tool and how far they can push it to it’s potential.

    Most of you bagging GoAnimate have barely spent any time with it to really know what it can do. Most of you don’t even realize you can use real voice actors and you can make the drag and drop characters seem less wooden if that’s what you want to do.

    There are people on GoAnimate who spend months on their animations to create something entertaining and worth while. It’s not all quick, easy and poorly conceived. Look a little deeper and see what it’s really about.

    You all eventually embraced Flash because you realized it could get your work done easier and quicker than you used to make it. GoAnimate is the same. In the right hands it can get an idea animated easier and quicker than you might otherwise. Sure you wouldn’t use it to make a feature film but to get down a quick idea that you never intended to take to a full drawn animation… you might use it for that.

  • Bored and Sleepy Audience

    I wonder whats the point of programs like these? There seems to be no point to this kind of animation because it hardly moves. I find this kind of animation boring to watch because its like staring at a wall of drying paint. Its hard to keep interest in the bouncing mouths of the characters without my mind wandering to something else. Why not just draw comics or write scripts and leave the animating to people with a passion for it?

    This are just thoughts from someone who is expected to be the audience for this dullness.

  • Cyle

    I find it hard to believe so many professional animators could get so upset over something that’s essentially a toy. It’s just for fun & it gives people a way to share stories even if it is relatively primitive. You don’t see authors freaking out over MadLibs or architects ranting about Legos. It’s true that many people don’t value animators’ hard work and talent, but innocent tools like this are not the problem.

  • Bud

    I couldn’t tell that animation wasn’t using Go Animate. That or monkeys in Sumatra.

  • Ned Shoup

    Without Go Animate Seth MacFarlane would not own a Gulfstream.

  • gipsy

    Why is so many people assuming goanimate is “typing”? Why so many people assume goanimate only has Family Guy looking characters? Has anyone got in the site and checked? Sure, there are lots of badly done animations, but there are also great things in there. Not mine, of course, but from some great users who took the effort to produce great stories and animations… If I wasn’t afraid of being considered “spam”, I would be happy to share some examples…