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Happy 100th Birthday, Fred Moore!

Fred Moore
Today is the 100th anniversary of Fred Moore’s birth. Andreas Deja reminds us why we should care with this image-packed tribute.

  • I saw Deja’s post today! Great stuff! I love Moore’s artwork!

  • Bill Andres

    Animation birthday salutes to Don Messick and Julie Kavner, also born on September 7th.

  • Where did the photo come from, Amid? I haven’t seen it before. Is it, by any chance, from Ward Kimball’s collection?

    • amid

      Mark, Good eye – it is an unpublished Moore image. Here’s the full photo. The guy on the left side of the frame is obvious. Not sure though about who’s on the right.

      Fred Moore

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Gunnar Andreassen

    The man on the right looks like another Fred to me:
    Fred Spencer – the Donald Duck expert – who also died untimely in a car accident

    • amid

      I’m pretty sure that Spencer was already dead by the time this photo was taken.

      • Jenny Lerew

        I don’t know what Fred Spencer looked like, but if he died in 1938(as I’ve read), that could be him. Fred looks younger and thinner here than he did in, say, ’40-41, judging from all the pictures I’ve seen. I would’ve guessed this shot to be taken in the late 30s myself.

        And how’s that for arcane info?

      • amid

        I’d pegged the photo for 1939, which is why I said it was too late, but I guess there’s no reason it can’t be sooner.

      • Jenny Lerew

        Seeing this photo of Spencer at Didier Ghez’ blog, I’m pretty sure Gunnar is right and it’s indeed him, along with Ward and Fred in the (great) picture..


  • The Gee

    This may come across as neither here nor there but someone should make a rock song about him. Just call is “Freddie Moore.”

    Hop to it, musicians! Immortalize him in song!

  • No, that’s certainly Fred Spencer (who died in November of 1938)

  • Fred’s drawings had such life to them… Simply beautiful.

    I wish I could own that Jose Carrioca single pose.