Happy 100th Birthday, Fred Moore!

Fred Moore
Today is the 100th anniversary of Fred Moore’s birth. Andreas Deja reminds us why we should care with this image-packed tribute.

  • http://classiccartoonreviews.blogspot.com/ Nicholas Pozega

    I saw Deja’s post today! Great stuff! I love Moore’s artwork!

  • Bill Andres

    Animation birthday salutes to Don Messick and Julie Kavner, also born on September 7th.

  • http://mayersononanimation.blogspot.com Mark Mayerson

    Where did the photo come from, Amid? I haven’t seen it before. Is it, by any chance, from Ward Kimball’s collection?

    • amid

      Mark, Good eye – it is an unpublished Moore image. Here’s the full photo. The guy on the left side of the frame is obvious. Not sure though about who’s on the right.

      Fred Moore

  • http://www.daryl-rhystaylor.co.uk DarylT

    Happy Birthday!

  • Gunnar Andreassen

    The man on the right looks like another Fred to me:
    Fred Spencer – the Donald Duck expert – who also died untimely in a car accident

    • amid

      I’m pretty sure that Spencer was already dead by the time this photo was taken.

      • Jenny Lerew

        I don’t know what Fred Spencer looked like, but if he died in 1938(as I’ve read), that could be him. Fred looks younger and thinner here than he did in, say, ’40-41, judging from all the pictures I’ve seen. I would’ve guessed this shot to be taken in the late 30s myself.

        And how’s that for arcane info?

      • amid

        I’d pegged the photo for 1939, which is why I said it was too late, but I guess there’s no reason it can’t be sooner.

      • Jenny Lerew

        Seeing this photo of Spencer at Didier Ghez’ blog, I’m pretty sure Gunnar is right and it’s indeed him, along with Ward and Fred in the (great) picture..

        Link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Sar8IPNlxOY/SlbzU1mjP-I/AAAAAAAAEMo/Axuhledhdik/s1600-h/fred+spencer.JPG

  • The Gee

    This may come across as neither here nor there but someone should make a rock song about him. Just call is “Freddie Moore.”

    Hop to it, musicians! Immortalize him in song!

  • http://animationwhoandwhere.blogspot.com Joe Campana

    No, that’s certainly Fred Spencer (who died in November of 1938)

  • http://www.arielvillaverde.com Ariel

    Fred’s drawings had such life to them… Simply beautiful.

    I wish I could own that Jose Carrioca single pose.