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Happy 85th Birthday, Walt Peregoy!

Walt Peregoy

Happy birthday to the great Walt Peregoy who turns 85 today. His color styling on 101 Dalmatians is legendary, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s done tons more great work throughout his career. Peregoy continues to be an accomplished fine artist, and an exhibit of his personal paintings are showing in Burbank for another week or so. I’ll try to make sure he sees this page today so please send your birthday wishes.

Walt painted the backgrounds on the film below, The Shooting of Dan McGrew. The colors are especially majestic if you can see a 35mm print projected:

(Thanks, Joe Horne)

  • Thanks for all your great work, Walt.

    And, thanks for raking the studio jerks over the coals in that memorable Disney Legends ceremony.

  • Sun

    Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you for adding such beautiful work to our world!

  • Happy Birthday Walt! Great work, True Genius!

  • Steven M.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Peregoy. I’m lovin’ the colors in Dan McGrew.

  • College Student

    I wish I looked that bad ass smoking a pipe.

  • Carolyn Bates

    Happy Birthday, Walt!
    Your art has always inspired me. Thanks for giving me my first break in animation. I loved hearing all your stories about Disney & H&B: cautionary tales full of insight and affectionate anecdote. You’re an art maverick and amazing son of a gun. Agree w/ College Student – totally bad ass! Carolyn ‘Lim’ Bates.

  • Thank you so much for your fine work over the years!

    I thought I might add an extra thanks for your terrific
    work on “Sword in the Stone”, as that film is a personal favorite. As always, some beautiful color choices there.

    And thanks for inspiring me (among countless others)
    to get into this crazy business of animation.

    Have some delicious cake today– Happy Birthday!

  • Bill Sauder

    Happy Birthday Mr. Peregoy, and many happy returns of the day. Thank you for your work, from Dalmatians down to the obscure, but well-loved Cattanooga Cats.

  • Trevor

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for your work that continues to inspire. I’m gonna go watch Dalmatians in honor of you tonight!

    p.s. If you’re going to read this stuff, we’d love for you to post also!

  • Happy Birthday to my Shining Star… I’ll walk your path to the end !

  • Well that clip was the best looking thing I ever saw.

  • happy birthday.

  • words cannot express how much i love this type of stuff. Sincerely I think this is marvellous

    hurray for all involved

  • Hobo Divine

    Happy (belated) Birthday Walt!!!