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Happy 90th Birthday, Bob Godfrey

Bob Godfrey

Here’s a toast to British animation legend Bob Godfrey who turns ninety years old today. Read a tribute to Bob on the VanArts school website. Better yet, watch this BBC TV episode about Bob from the 1970s:

(Bob Godfrey photo via Michael Sporn’s Splog, thanks Ken Priebe for sending the story)

  • Wow, Happy birthday, Mr. Godfrey! “Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit” is one of my 20-or-so favorite animated shorts of all time!

  • bob kurtz

    happy big 90th to my dear crazy friend-bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toonio

    Ken Priebe is a cool guy. Check out his books on stop motion animation.

  • eeteed

    yay u!

    happy birthday!

    here’s wisihing you 90 more!

  • Richard Gadd

    Happy birthday Bob – it should be Sir Bob!

    I had “Great” on VHS that I taped from a rare showing on TV – that I must have watched 100s of timnes (and enthusiastically showed to anyone I could) before it wore out.

    Here’s to many more years

  • ian

    Happy Birthday Bob – a true original – His story of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Great), and the DIY animation kit alone are genius, but as an independent film-maker he is a one of a kind.
    Plus if you see Henry (9 to 5) and some of this other ruder films he had a great sense of humour.
    My personal favourite growing up was Roobarb and Custard (UK only i suspect).

  • Tom

    Thanks for the post, Amid, but again I must ask, why your reluctance to come to us and ask for a more up to date photo or any info?

  • Many happy returns, Bob!!!!!!