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Happy 92nd Birthday, Borge Ring

Happy birthday to animation legend Borge Ring, who is 92 years young today!

Borge began animating in the 1930s. Here’s a commercial piece he animated in 1950:

And here is his Oscar-nominated 1978 short, Oh My Darling:

Followed by his Oscar-winning short Anna & Bella (1984):

Borge was also a professional jazz musician during the 1940s and 1950s. In the video below, he plays bass on a Danish TV show in 1985:

  • Skent

    Happy Birthday!

  • david vallone

    Can’t forget his 1986 Academy award winning shot Anna and Bella..Wonderful film

    • Michael Howe

      That was one short shown to me during my art school days, and it’s one that still sticks with me, regarding its use of imagery, but also how some shots require very little movement.

      The characters remind me of two of my cousins, in regards to how their closeness has been as sisters over several decades.

  • James Madison

    Happy Birthday!

  • Toonio

    Happy Birthday Borge!

    Jesus Christ it’s been so long since I saw you, yet still feels like yesterday.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Tillykke Gamle Dreng!!!

  • Benjamin Arcand

    Thanks for sharing this Amid. I didn’t even know the man. Superb stuff!