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Headless Studio

Headless Productions is a small independent animation studio founded by Adrian Garcia, Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres (directors/production designer of Nocturna) in Barcelona. These guys are good.

(Thanks, DeK)

  • High Minded Civilian

    Where can I see these beautiful films?

  • Kelly

    Ooooooh… very nice. Watching again…

  • Daaaaaannnng! That’s about as good as it gets, huh?

  • Bill Field

    WOW. That’s like cartoon crack, and I’m usually jaded and cynical.

  • Fantastic work … very inspiring!

  • are they hiring???????

  • I’ll move to barcelona just to get a job with this guys. Excellent!

  • Peter F

    Man, is that great stuff. Thanks so much for pointing them out to us. More of this!

  • Charlie

    I have never seen these nor heard of these people, and I want to know everything about this place.

  • Absolutely splendid! That is animation!

  • Love it! I wish I knew how to achieve that look of the animation-it’s so appealing. So, which came first, that girl character or the Adventure Time kid? It reminds me of the recent Gumby debate.

  • Wow. AND they live in beautiful Barcelona. Oh, now I´m just envious.

    I kid. Keep it up. Awesome.

  • Holy monkey bladders. FAN-tastic. I’m going to go draw something.

  • Charming and inspiring. NOCTURNA is a wonderful film, too… the level of control exerted over the film’s atmosphere is unbelievable. The cartoon sucks you in, but gradually. It nudges you into hoping and believing in the characters minute-by-minute, and gleefully manipulates how you think or feel about them and their circumstances largely through its ever-present contrast of light and shadow (sometimes literally, other times figuratively).

  • amy

    really nice work!

  • timmyelliot

    beautiful. Thanks for posting this.

  • wow – beautiful work! The animation AND the design.. stunning!

  • monica

    where can we watch more? both sites dont tell about their past films, if they’ve finished any yet.

  • Baron Lego

    Very nice! I wonder where I can view the actual films…

  • Was there ever a region 1 NTSC DVD release of Nocturna? I’ve occasionally checked over the last couple of years. I know there is an English version. This looks like a GREAT production. I’ve really enjoyed the pencil animation that some of the animators uploaded as part of their reels on YouTube.

    Does Headless have a N. American distributor for any of their work?

  • The music is nice.

  • Wow. that’s really goooooood :)

  • Wow.. what FUN designs and colours! Congrats!

    Also, what is it with kids(*and adults) winter hats with ears!(*also in Adventure time w/Finn and Jake) Such an eccentric trend..

  • I’d like to see everything from this reel in full length. Very stylish, in a good way, and the animation is superb.

    It seems they’ve worked on that feature film with the giant pig, some years ago, which I was never able to find when it was finished.

  • Saru

    If that’s euro-trash…



  • Scott

    Amazing stuff! The quality of the motion and expressiveness of the characters are just as good as Pixar stuff, but this is 2d! It really reminds me of the classic Disney stuff like 101 Dalmations or the Rescuers, animation-wise at least. The design is all theirs.

  • Ike

    Wow!! That’s a nice reel!! Those Canadian’s put out some pretty decent animation!

  • Olve

    Inspiration!!! Lots of it!!!!

  • Bob Harper

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen such beatiful animation like this – it made my eyes bleed! Fantastico!!!

  • Mark

    Wow. Today’s Disney 2D animation would be almost inferior to this work of art!

  • Anthony C.

    Brother, that’s Disney quality stuff in terms of the movement, accenting, and smoothness.

    And independently found?

    May the internet be our vessel in the restoration of great, high quality 2-d animation yet again. :-)

  • Dr. O

    Absolutely stunning work!

  • unreal

  • Ben K.

    Absolutely amazing in every sense of the word.

  • Leirin

    In the same boat as Charlie. The art, animation and designs absorbed me right in. The blue-haired girl reminds me a little of Coraline.