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Help Animation Veteran Byron Vaughns

Byron Vaughns Home

Byron Vaughns, an animation industry veteran who has directed episodes of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs among countless other roles, is facing some tough times and is asking for financial help from the animation community.

In recent months, he and his wife Betty have experienced countless calamities including a fire that destroyed their home in 2010. Now, Betty has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is facing quadruple bypass surgery and has lost sight in her left eye due to glaucoma. Unable to find steady industry work (but still actively searching), Vaughns was forced to file for an early retirement so he could pay his wife’s medical bills. The whole sad situation is spelled out on detail on their blog. It would be great if the animation community stepped up to the plate and lent a hand.

(Thanks, Chris Duarte)

  • This is very serious, Byron Vaughns IS A GOOD ARTIST and embarrassed that this ten this situation, I have met online, and his wife is rather severe: (, Amid though not please me one of your articles, thanks for spreading this here .

    • amid

      I think a little something is lost in the translation of your comment, but it’s a nice thought. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for your support!

  • CCS

    Donated $10. This is horrible, wish we had Universal Single Payer health care in this country.

    • The $10 was so appreciated. Believe me every dollar counts.

  • Old Man Father Time

    Is it me, or have animation artists had incredibly unfortunate occurances with their homes these past years lately?

    • Yes, it is true and we did not realize the extent of the problem until we shared our dilemma with others. Our hearts go out to them.

  • I urge all to give them a hand. Byron and Betty are some of the nicest people I know. Even a few dollars here and there will help. They have set up a Paypal account for the purpose of donations and I can tell you that asking for assistance is probably the hardest thing that Byron and Betty have had to do. Follow the link to their site and contribute whatever you can. And thanks Amid for posting this on Cartoon Brew.

    • Brian thanks for your friendship over the years and empathizing with our situation. It’s been a long time since Tiny Toon days, eh?

  • A big thank you to all for your nice comments. Betty and I appreciate your kind thoughts and wishes. A special thanks to Chris Duarte for informing Cartoon Brew of our plight and thank you Amid for posting it. We were pleasantly surprised at the outpouring and well wishes of friends as well as complete strangers. The $400 + we have received so far through this posting is so very much needed towards our remaining goal of $3600.

  • Daisy

    This is absolutely horrible, thanks Amid for posting this. Donated 50, wish i could be more of a help. It might also be a good idea to appeal to institutions where they have a large community. i read back in 07, there was this couple ( one of them is an alumni of the school) whose studio (with all their work inside) burnt down. They appealed to RISD, and the whole school had an auction and raised a few thousand for them to rebuild their studio. Hope things get better.