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Pres Romanillos

Animation veteran Pres Romanillos (Shan-Yu in Mulan, Little Creek in Spirit, Prince Naveen in Princess and the Frog) is currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant for a relapse of leukemia. Industry friends are organizing both a live art auction in LA and an online auction at They’ve also started a Facebook page to keep folks posted on the plans.

Our friend, animation journalist and FPS magazine founder Emru Townsend, lost his battle against leukemia a couple years ago and he had a lot of difficulty finding a donor. His website remains a solid resource for learning how easy it is to become a bone marrow donor.

The animation industry may grow over time, but the community remains smaller than one might think. Case in point: last weekend at MoCCA, I chatted with Pres’s nephew Aleth, who can draw his ass off by the way, and I’d never known they were related until now. Whether you choose to support the auction, become a bone marrow donor, or send well wishes his way, in a tight-knit community like ours, it makes a real difference when we pull together to help each other out. And thankfully, we always do.

UPDATE: Pres Romanillos passed away on July 17, 2010 from leukemia. More information can be found here.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’m gonna be pulling for this guy. No one deserves to suffer with cancer. It’s an especially nefarious illness, and no matter the type, it doesn’t discriminate.

    Get well soon buddy. You beat it once. You’ll beat it again.

  • Brad Constantine

    All of your animation brothers down south are pulling for you!!Fight the good fight, amigo!

  • ChillRobSki

    Thank you for posting this Amid. My prayers and best wishes goes out to Pres and his family. Do you have a link to Pres’s donor facility or agency?

  • Seoulchan

    Get well soon! I’m rooting for this guy! Hope he gets well and animating soon!

  • Rebecca Forth

    Excellent post. It never ceases to amaze me how people can pull together like this for one person. I also send out my thoughts and wishes to Pres, his family, and friends. Get well soon! (Shan-Yu, excellent villain, excellent animation! Love it!)

  • Tim Hodge

    Hang in there Pres! Our prayers are with you!

  • Crystal(RB)

    Lovely to read about people pulling together to help one of their own. I’m happy to do distance healing and affirmative prayer for his well-being… :)

  • Paul N

    You can see in his eyes that he’s going to beat it again. Get well soon Pres! Heading over to the auction…

  • Pres was there for me before my career in animation began. He never let me give up my dream to work for Disney. Thanks to his support and guidance, I made it. Hang in there my good friend; your brothers and sisters in the animation family want to see you do you magic soon. Luv ya buddy!

  • Pres, my prayers are with you and I’ll check into the art auction to see how I can help there too! I hadn’t heard till just recently that things had relapsed for you. You’re in my heart intern buddy!

  • Tony Bancroft

    Hey Pres- Like my brother I am prayin for you my friend. I will look intot the auction too and see what I can do to help. I am here for you man. Keep the faith and stand tough.

  • Dave

    I think it’s worth pointing out how easy it is to be registered on the bone marrow donor list. There’s an online form (USA: Canada: and then they send a simple mouth swab kit in the mail. That’s it! If you ever happen to match with someone in need there’s a bit more too it, but your minor procedure could save someone’s life.

  • Thanks for posting this, Amid. Pres is hanging in there, and I know this outpouring of support means a lot.

  • Pres, all the best to you.

    In addition to Dave’s comment: if you are in the UK, you can also refer to the Anthony Nolan Trust.

    Keep in mind, donor searches begin closer to home, but if a donor is not found, the search goes international. This means you can sign up in one country, and if you match someone you can donate where you live, but your donation will be couriered wherever it needs to be. It could help someone in another country or even continent.

    If you live in the United States or UK, PLEASE consider running a bone marrow drive. It’s a privilege that anyone can help in this fashion and it’s really easy – I’ve gone to the States and helped do some! Preparation is not time-consuming at all.

    Also, if you learn how to register, tell someone else how to do it. You would be surprised at the impact of this small act.

  • Hang on Pres.
    I hope you are not getting to thin with the hospital food and the chemo,I hope your new transplant is successful and you can bit this shit again.Miss you,get well soon.
    Lots of love from Patrick and Nina

  • Flowin’ power to a brother!

    Will sign up for bone marrow donor today. There may be new technologies to treat this disease. Check out

    That’s a site with the latest news on stem cell treatments. Ask you doc and ask the site’s director Don Margolis. Tell him I sent ya’.

  • Christine & Trey Finney

    Pres, just got news of your situation. We are SHOCKED to hear about all you’ve been through!! We had no idea and really regret being out of touch. Just thought you were continuing to blaze a trail with your amazing talents and living a happy (healthy) life with your lovely wife and plenty of pets.

    We will try to get in touch with you at City of Hope. Pres and Jeannine feel free to email us through Trey’s site.

    We want to help however we can. Have read about the auction…We’ll definitely be posting and/or bidding to help the cause.

    Just had to let you know how crushed we were to get the news, and let you know just how much we are pulling for you!! You’ve put enough good karma into this world…We hope it comes back and hits you right upside the head with the good health you so much deserve!

    We love you, Pres!! This world needs more people like you! Stay strong…We’ll be praying for you.

    Also sending much love to Jeannine and your family. Christine & Trey
    PS Loved seeing the “thumbs up” photo!

  • James Davis

    Pres, If this gets to you, I want you to know I am rooting for you.

    Your talent and personality are an inspiration. I recently went through a bout with brain cancer. I know it can be a drag. My best wishes and prayers are with you.

    Photo looks good!

  • Pres-
    We were so saddened to hear that you were back in the hospital. We’ll be praying like crazy!

    We love you. If there is anything you need just let me know through

    God bless you and your family. (Love the photo too!)

  • Hey man, it’s the first I heard of it, word got around. Your in my prayers. All the best to you and Janine.
    Alohas man.

  • Hey Pres, what are you doing on a hospital bed ??? I was checking out your name in Google and voilà !!! Please get better quick ! You owe it to your friends and family ! My thougths are with you and your family. Hang on tight and if you believe, God will protect you !

  • …and of course it goes without saying that I pray for you too !

  • Miguel

    Pres and I go way back to high school, when we met and became good friends in art class. I always knew he would make it big in the fine arts. Not only he’s a superb and talented artist, he’s also a great human being, in every way. All my prayers are with you buddy, hang in there. You’re just as tough as Shan-Yu!