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JibJab “Starring You”


First, let me again apologize for foisting my face on the blog, but it’s an image from my latest starring role. The big news is that starting today, anyone – even you – can be in a JibJab video!

Starring You allows you to upload your own heads, cut them out, and star in a JibJab! They’ve made five template movies to begin with and this sample (starring me and Walt) gives you an idea of the possibilities. If you want to try out the tools and see the other movies just go to

Anyone can make a movie, but you have to register with JibJab to publish. You can then email your film or the links, post them on your blogs, MySpace pages, Facebook accounts… anywhere! And it’s completely free. Check it out.

  • Hilarious, and highly addictive. I’ve already made 2 vids!

  • Ryan W. Mead

    That’s disturbing on so many levels. Needless to say, I laughed.

  • simultaneously horrifying and amazing!

  • Well then, congratulations Mr. Beck on your second appearance in a JibJab cartoon!

  • Chuck R.

    Maybe this is old news, but Jerry, have you “Simpsonized” your distinguished mug yet?

  • Walt’s rolling enough in his grave already, Jerry…

  • Don

    Awesome….yet another post with Jerry’s face. Viewers never get tired of that.

  • Thanks for the link.
    I’ve already tortured people all over town with this

  • Jerry: Did you get a chance to ask Walt when Song of the South would be on DVD?

  • I remember this being done by KidStar Videos on the Amiga computer in the early 90’s. Kid’s faces were mapped into cartoons then output to VHS.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Oh YOU wish you could hula with Walt!

  • steveg

    Funny little clip. I’ll have to show it to some people.

    I was watching the Weird Al video ‘Do I creep you out?’ on JibJab and was wondering….is that you in the lineup with the red jacket without your glasses???? Ha ha..

  • pamela

    thats hella funny.. i am trying to do it but i cant figure out how to cut out the heads??
    maybe you can help??

  • Aaliyah

    Wow you guys look different the heads are like proper funny and the expression is gr8