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Joseph Holt

Background by Joseph Holt

Layout artist and background painter Joseph Holt has started a new blog featuring loads of his production artwork from from the late-’90s through today. There is work from Mission Hill, The Oblongs, Time Squad, and My Life as a Teenage Robot, among other productions. I particularly like the work he did on Meddlen Meadows (posted above), which was a short made within the Cartoonstitute Shorts Program at Cartoon Network. Holt says on the blog that he’s also been creating visual development for Symbiotic Titan, a series being produced by The Orphanage Animation Studios for Cartoon Network.

  • vikram

    nice blog!i liked it !!i myself is also a painter but its my hobby!!

  • Chuck R.

    Wonderful stuff!

  • matt

    Symbiotic Titan – is that the new Genndy Tartakovski show?

  • Great! Top notch as always from Joseph!

  • Awesome!

  • A breath of fresh air from the post below. And a perfect example of work that no computer will ever be able to replace. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Joe and I worked on Time Squad together, and it was always a thrill to see his interpretations of different periods of history. I love the way he varies line and tone to render his backgrounds, rather than just a dead contour.

  • Trevor

    I thought I read a couple months ago that The Orphanage was shutting down.

  • Trevor- The Orphanage FX house in SF is the one that shut down; Genndy’s LA-based Orphanage Animation is still in business.

  • Hannah

    Symbiotic Titan is by Genndy Tartakovsky right? I love his work.

  • HansonThe Dwarf aka Steve Loizos

    If you are reading this Joseph, you once offered to show me how to do what you do. At the time, that was a very generous offer. Now I realize that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life not to study under you. BUT I WILL NOW!

    I will trade you for music lessons!