Ken Anderson sketchbook drawings Ken Anderson sketchbook drawings

Ken Anderson Sketchbook Drawings

Ken Anderson sketchbook drawings

Don’t miss this charming set of sketchbook drawings by legendary Disney production designer Ken Anderson, posted at Mark Kennedy’s always excellent Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog.

(via Michael Sporn’s Splog)

  • Great stuff. I met Ken Anderson at his home when I was 17. He took the time to critique my drawings and show me a bunch of his. I have been a fan of his work since. Thanks for the post!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Like, groovy man! :-)

    That jump-started my Monday!

  • Brad Constantine

    All Hail the master! He should have been the 10th old man in my opinion… He was Disney design in the 60’s and into the 70’s…Thanx for sharing!!

  • John Richardson

    I loved that magazine as a kid! I studied this exact article back in the ’70’s. I think it was Gulf gas stations that handed those magazines out, and we got several of them, all with Disney stuff. I spent a lot of time trying to copy that biker Rhino, and the “How to Draw Jiminy Cricket” page, during Mrs. Sarf’s class in 3rd grade. Thank you for posting this.

  • Chuck R.

    These kind of remind me of the limited edition cels Chuck Jones did in the 80’s and 90’s. Art from a master —but not a master in top form.

    It’s enough to inspire me to break out the Frank and Ollie books, and salivate over Anderon’s really good stuff.

  • Mark Kennedy

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog…I recently heard the rumor here at Disney that Ken Anderson made the most money out of anyone at the studio for most of his later years…more, even, than any of the Nine Old Men.

    That’s just a rumor, nobody quote me on that, but I would definitely believe it.

  • Quiet_Desperation

    Made me think of Leo the Lion from Busieck’s Astro City.

  • Brad Constantine

    Ken was there when Walt called everyone in and told them the story of Snow White in the soundstage. That was in 1935. When Walt ran out of money to pay the artists at the very end, he gave them all stock options in exchange. I imagine anyone who held on to those options for a while would have done pretty well for him/herself. He also was a very loyal employee to Walt and knew how to please him.
    That probably kept his value high…. Even after he had some strokes he came back and helped with ideas and such. he was great!

  • Jamie

    I just came across some of his art.. Drawings of wendy.. Her child book he drew in with her..Puff the magic dragon cells all number..