Lawless Street by Christyan Lundblad Lawless Street by Christyan Lundblad

Lawless Street by Christyan Lundblad

I really like the designs Danish artist Christyan Lundblad has posted on his blog. Here is a student film Lundblad did a few years ago with fellow animator Sylvester Riishøj – produced in one night, improvised under the camera:

  • That’s really nice.

  • Wow that is really nice. I wonder how much was planned ahead of time and how much was made as the film was in progress.

  • Mike Luzzi

    So this was done under a camera or partially in After Effects? There are definitely some frames in there that look like the elephant is scaled for squash and stretch.

    • No After Effects. We used our Xerox machine. If you drag the paper across while it is taking the copy, you get a stretched image. Most Photo copiers also has an invert button if you explore it ‘s special features a bit:)

      • Mike Luzzi

        Very cool technique. Thanks for the response.

  • Ketil Bleidin

    I love this one! But how bout posting my favorite Lundblad-flick “What The Time Is”!?!

  • Nice one. What’s the music?

  • The music is : lawless Street by the Skatalites:)