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Lee Unkrich auction for Haiti Relief

Ever wanted a Wall-E crew jacket — or a Woody doll autographed by Tom Hanks? Lee Unkrich (Director of Toy Story 3) is holding charity auction right now on Ebay. Lee is auctioning off a bunch of personal Pixar memorabilia with all money going to benefit Haiti. People can find out about the items and bid by checking out his Twitter posts.

(Thanks, Bobby Podesta)

  • Paul N

    A great way to raise a good chunk of money and free up some closet space at the same time. Kudos to Lee.

  • Manning

    With a signed TS3 poster going for $500+ and the (shown above) WALL-E jacket currently over $400, it will raise some good money.

    I’ve got a $250 leading bid for one of the three TS3 posters but I doubt it will hold at that price.

  • So many jackets! It’s awesome Lee is trying to help.

  • Rebecca 4th

    That’s awesome that Lee is doing this, it’s gg! I wish i had the funds to buy that Monster’s Inc. crew jacket!!! Way cool!