LeSean Thomas Is The Seoul Brother LeSean Thomas Is The Seoul Brother

LeSean Thomas Is The Seoul Brother

Seoul Sessions is a well-made mini-doc series by Creative Control about animation director LeSean Thomas (The Boondocks, The Legend of Korra, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series), who moved to Seoul, Korea to oversee the production of the shows he’s directing. Lots of American animators make the move to Korea at some point or another in their careers, but it’s unlikely that anyone has done it with as much swag as LeSean. The first episode is above; next installment will be released end of June.

  • That is bloody awesome! To take such a huge leap, as in moving from LA to S. Korea, just to broaden your horizon is a very brave thing!

  • I watched the premier of this the other day, can’t wait to see part 2. LeSean Thomas is real serious about his and thats why he’s one of the masters in the game. I admire what he does.

  • Cool!

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been thinking about Korea ever since I learned how much animation is done over there (when I was a high schooler), but I’ve been relatively “in the dark” about what it’s like to actually live there as an American artist. I look forward to watching more of this series.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I suppose it’s still that way for plenty of us (and for me, some 23 years and counting)!

  • Brother

    Very Nice !! HAHAA

  • Very cool. I’ve followed his blog on and off for a while, and getting a video production is really icing on the cake. It does, however, require a particular/ social personality to be eager and willing to uproot like he did.

    But he’s right though… there’s a lot about U.S. cartoon production that is either assumed or taken for granted, from the perspective of your average viewer, and it’s sometimes easy or convenient to forget that the bulk of the property is manufactured thousands of miles away.

  • Toonio

    Good for him. The Language barrier can be intimidating yet the animation principles are universal.

  • Hip-hop fun facts & unasked-for animation annotations:

    The song playing at the end of this, ‘Old School,’ is from the 2005 Dangerdoom album, The Mouse and the Mask.’

    Dangerdoom is comprised of two members, Danger Mouse (who took his name from the early 80s cartoon character) and MF DOOM (who’s name comes courtesy of the Fantastic Four’s Dr. Doom).

    The Dangerdoom album was funded by The Cartoon Network and features dozens of samples and cameos by the original Adult Swim lineup. The edible gang from Aqua Teen Hunger Force appear throughout the entire album in a long-running gag about guest rappers.

  • Ahh Korea. I have lived there for four years (not at the moment though), some of which I was supervising the 3D lighting and 3D pipeline in a VFX studio in Seoul. I love Korea, not just because my wife is Korean (we met in Australia, a few years before we moved there), but because it’s a very dynamic country where trends arrive in a flurry then pass just as fast, and with that, it also has this amazing sense of tradition and beauty.

    One of the biggest problems I found when working in Korean companies was that their hierarchy is based on time, not merit. That is to say that the Confucian themes of respecting ones elders and such is the dominant force. So you would end up in situations where some super talented young artist was not only producing great work, but also was a clear and natural leader, and there was no way they would ever be promoted over someone who was at the company longer, especially if they were older. I fought some interesting battles in trying to get certain people elevated in positions over fossils that clearly did not do as much work but knew they were completely safe because they were older and that they were a supervisor already.

    If Korea can overcome this problem, then we might be able to see a breakthrough of talent that the current floodgates are holding back right now, but if or when that will happen, I do not know.

    If anyone wants to know anything about living and working in Korea, feel free to drop me an email (which can be found on my website by clicking on my name).

  • Wanna see more of this

  • Jason King

    Part 2 is up :D