“Little Kaiju” by Jonathan and Josh Baker “Little Kaiju” by Jonathan and Josh Baker

“Little Kaiju” by Jonathan and Josh Baker

Australian-born, New York-based twins Jonathan and Josh Baker, a commercial directing duo under the alias TWiN, made this short-short on location in Tokyo. Morten Rowley designed the character, Nick Losq animated it. Cute stuff.

  • http://www.sneezemeaway.com Ryan G

    Cute short, talented chaps indeed. If you are reading this fellas, big wave from back in the Ambience days ;)

  • akira

    the music reminds me of the ending pee wee’s playhouse theme

  • http://dangerusscartoons.blogspot.com DANGERUSS

    A nice delicate short. Everything was working.

  • http://bestanimationsoftwarenow.com/ Kieran

    Some pretty good music! Could listen to this all day haha!