<em>Manifestations</em> <em>Manifestations</em>


This is from Giles Timms, his second animated film, made at UCLA’s Department of Theater, Film and Television. The music is by Welsh composer Ceri Frost.

  • vzk

    Pretty cool!

    That cloud thingy looked like a cross between Stewie Griffin and a sheep :)

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    The sheep/cloud guy is Mr. Chip =)

  • Beautiful depth to the compositions and the use of light and dark really reflects his journey to find love. The battlefield scene was amazing. In my opinion, the music and artwork work together brilliantly, with Ceri Frost’s multi-layered music style and slightly dark edge. Both built momentum very well together.

    Mr Chip in my opinion was batting above his average with that lovely lady in the end though.

  • Billy Jean

    It’s a very unique looking little music video. I really like it!

  • Really nice animation by Giles….it’s nice to meet Mr Chip again!

  • Courtney

    Gorgeous and haunting. I LOVE the colors. And you know I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

  • bgt

    L’amour triomphe de tout. Nice work Giles.

  • Fantastic.
    Labor of love and skill.

    Makes me think how love is more often used to justify than to simplify these days.

  • Kate Kurtenbach

    I liked it, the expression on Mr. Chip’s face and the fact that you dedicated it to Angie. You should take her out tonight on a fabulous beach date! Congrats

  • Marc

    Georgeous. Haunting. Inspired

  • Tessa Jane

    WOW Giles…very impressive!!!! you are so creative!

  • Maggie Dunham

    Amazing! I really enjoyed it :) The layering and textural differences are really captivating. Plus, the music fit wonderfully. Very mystical, indeed. I’m proud of you, Giles!! Keep it up!

  • I wish more music videos were like yours, Giles. Maybe you can conquer and rule the music video world after you graduate from UCLA. Just a thought.


  • really cool stuff!

  • Becky

    such a creative, fresh style!

  • Adrienne

    Hey, Giles! This is a fascinating piece… I’m very impressed with your creativity and talent!

  • Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful feedback.

  • Cameron Serk

    That was a great visual journey. I’m no expert, but I was intrigued by the layering of images. Good music too. Nice work Giles.

  • Adam

    I love the depth used throughout! You have a great eye for laying out every moment and making sure it is all visually interesting.

  • Elizabeth Egan

    Absolutely amazing Giles. I am astounded by your talent.