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Mark Marek’s WB logo

Alternative cartoonist and animator Mark Marek has been quite successful drawing comics, doing illustrations, animating and directing animation for some time now. His terrific new website shows off his past and present animated works, including an attempt (not in his usual primitive style, above) designing a moody, atmospheric Warner Bros. Animation logo for the company’s superhero shows.

  • David Lee

    I like his version #3, but I also really like the logo that was done for Iron Giant.

  • Tim Schuit

    Those were lame. You’d think WB would commission something more original.

  • EB

    What is the music used for the logo treatment? sounds familiar…
    (sorry for the bad spelling, but I’m italian…)

  • They look and feel like they would work better with their classic film re-issues. No need to use film sprocket sfx on a superhero intro. Modern audiences won’t even know what that sound is.

  • al

    Panter ripoff