dilworth dilworth

Meet Dilworth!

The Oscar nominated animator and creator of Cartoon Network’s Courage the Cowardly Dog will present the best of his films and other surprises next Tuesday at SVA. ASIFA-East presents an evening with New York’s resident animation madman, John R. Dilworth on Tuesday Dec 8, 2009 at The School of Visual Arts. Dilly will answer questions, draw funny pictures and premiere his latest short, Rinky Dink. The screening will be in the 3rd floor amphitheatre at 7pm, SVA is at 209 E 23rd Street, Admission: FREE!

  • In spite of this photo, John is a TRULY funny guy!!!

  • Donald C

    Now if only I could actually GET there.

  • Seni O

    HOORAY! I get to meet him again.

  • Must…go…back…have…crap load of work. Ugh!

  • Nightmare Is Near

    He’s awesome. He sent me a pic of a Courage Pencil top he made for a fan. I wish he was running CN right now. He would be great for the job. I hope I get to see the Tower of Dr. Zalost again, that is my all time favorite Courage episode.

  • It’s ridiculous that he isn’t doing a series for CN or NICK. It just goes to show how the system doesn’t support their best artists.

  • David Levy

    John is one of the best animation directors/filmmakers ever! He’s been equally brilliant with his indie work and commercial work. His is a career that I always be following, and I’m happy to call him a friend as well. Can’t wait for his event!

  • He’s a brilliant and hilarious guy, I have the luck of meeting him in Spain when he was in Animadrid and he was as funny as his cartoons (and his cartoons are REALLY funny!).