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Millard Kaufman, RIP

Millard Kaufman

Millard Kaufman, the Hollywood screenwriter who was instrumental in the creation of Mister Magoo, passed away last Saturday at age 92. The LA Times provides an informative obituary. He received a story credit on the first Magoo short Ragtime Bear in 1949, and along with John Hubley, is considered to be one of the primary architects of the character. In addition to the Magoo short, he co-wrote the UPA Fox and Crow short Punchy de Leon with Phil Eastman, and if I’m not mistaken, he also wrote a number of military training films (uncredited) for UPA during the 1940s.

In memory, here is the short Ragtime Bear:

  • uncle wayne

    Thank you for reaqcuainting me with this film….which I had only seen once….with Jerry…..3 deacdes ago (the “old Thalia days!”) I was always so flabergasted at how “fluid” the old guy could be in animation (….we are all so used to the 60s ones). Thank you, again.

  • o no :( millard was a friend of my fathers – he was an ammmazing man!!!!! he just had a book out that mcsweeney’s published! very sad day.
    courtney booker

  • Jim K

    I had never seen this before, or any early Magoos, for that matter.

    A little different style and a meaner attitude, akin to the Scrooge character from later on.

    Thanks for posting.