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New Chris Sanders Website

Chris Sanders

Director Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch), currently helming Crood Awakening at DreamWorks, has launched a website — The site is new and still growing although there is a nice selection of his personal drawings currently posted.

  • Chuck R.

    This is great! What a talent. Did anybody see the “Aloha” vinyl figure at the con? Does anyone know anything about Crood Awakening?

  • absolutely DELICIOUS!

  • I purchased Chris’ sketchbook and the “Maile” vinyl figure at the con, and both are top notch. Chris was just as personable as when I met him the year before, and quite a talented individual.

  • Chuck R,: yes and no. And hey! I thought I was going to break this exclusive! Shucks!
    Yes, those vinyls were great.

  • red pill junkie


    That Lilo has sure developed NICELY…. ;-D

  • uncle wayne

    Mmmmmmmmmm! Yumm!!

  • Awesome sculpt!

  • Fantastic! I have always wanted to see more of Chris Sanders’ personal drawings!

    Sanders is one of my favorite artists, even with just LILO & STITCH under his belt. I think he was one of the best talents Disney could ever have. LILO & STITCH is a masterpiece, and Stitch is one of the best designed characters I have ever seen. I can only hope that he does just as great at Dreamworks. These drawings show an incredible imagination.

  • So glad he finally has a site up! I hope he really puts his stamp on Crood Awakening. Loved Lilo and Stitch. His sketchbooks are amazing .

  • I can’t stop staring at these three fantastic drawings; this is the type of pin-up/girly art I’m striving to create myself. I’m afraid to click the link, for I know I will see even more fantastic examples.

    I don’t know if I should feel jealous or ashamed… maybe I should try to feel inspired.

  • A lot of Chris Sanders’s work reminds me of Thomas Nast. I really like his animal drawings.

  • Mr. Semaj

    His drawings are awesome! Disney should’ve used more of his female designs for their films.

  • amy

    I too just about died from fangirl joy when I found Chris at Comic-Con. I’d met him once before when he and Dean came to visit us at Disney Sydney, and he’s still a great guy. I bought his sketchbook and the fact that it’s a ‘2’ sketchbook makes me hope he’ll sell the first one on his site sometime.

    Let’s just hope Dreamworks don’t give him any trouble.

  • Marc G.

    Even though he apparently only draws one type of girl, his art is still pretty damn appealing – has some old-school charm to it but still feels fresh and original.

  • Marc said: “Even though he apparently only draws one type of girl, his art is still pretty damn appealing – has some old-school charm to it but still feels fresh and original.”

    Yea, I find a lot of pinup artists fall into that trap but it’s ok if your audience expects a certain look from you. Consistency, you know. Anyway, I’m not about to question Sanders’ taste in women!

  • red pill junkie

    Marc G. & Chris L. I agree with you both. That certainly happens with Milo Manara, Serpieri, Azpiri, Corben and others. But I think it’s ok because it’s honest: These artists put into paper what they find appealing in a human figure… well, all for them EXCEPT Fernando Botero I guess ;-)

    I don’t remember who said that an artist finds his style when he realizes he can paint in no other way…

  • Chuck R.

    Cool, there’s an update already.

  • Boy, that Hawaiian chick sure is HAWT!!! ;-)

  • CG_Worker

    wow, so Lilo’s a hooker;)