“Odin’s Afterbirth” by Joseph Bennett “Odin’s Afterbirth” by Joseph Bennett

“Odin’s Afterbirth” by Joseph Bennett

Joseph Bennett is an animation artist for J. Walter Thompson by day, working on various commercials for MicroSoft and Zyrtec, and by night he does his own thing. Here’s one of ’em: Odin’s Afterbirth, part of a trilogy he’s working on. I like his stuff, reminds me of animated mini-comics. Warning: this 3 minute chapter is a bit violent.

  • that was gnarly

  • That was pretty <<<>>>

  • dr. truth

    DIFFERENT!!! I loved it!!
    a breath of fresh air from the usual flash garbage.
    Joseph Bennett, you’ve made a new fan!

  • I like the story. Look forward to seeing the next chapter(s). Funny thing though, a second viewing revealed that the first two men switch positions and one of them suddenly wields a different weapon.

  • Greg

    i think somebody needs a hug

  • hiary

    yay JOJO ben!

  • I really like this kind of one-man-show animation.
    Nice job, Joseph. More, please!

  • normally i don’t care for the
    slash and kill genre, but this
    guy’s got style! i love this stuff!

  • It held my interest like a vice grip. It has a distinctive look. It has good music and sound design. It made me want to see what happens next. I like it.