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Ollie Johnston As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Ollie Johnston
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For those of you who’ve been searching for images of Disney animator Ollie Johnston in the buff–I imagine there’s a few of you–this is the closest you’re going to get: a birthday card drawn by Glen Keane in 1999. The piece comes from Ollie Johnston’s estate and is currently up for bid at Howard Lowery’s auction website.

  • vineet

    I love the way he’s drawn the Walt Disney Pictures logo.

  • Love it!

  • Boy, that guy can draw. It’s almost Jack Davis-ish.
    I’d love to see some ballpoint pen animation from Glen.

  • Sara H.

    So under the old man clothes he was actually ripped? Wow, I never knew…

  • Illusion of Life indeed :)

  • Great drawing. For some reason, this drawing reminds me of either John Severin or Bill Elder of early MAD Magazine. Glen Keane could be a great addition to the Usual gang of Idiots. :D

  • I hope nobody minds me asking this, but is anyone aware if there’s a book of Glen Keane’s artwork on the market? I’d love to have a collection of Glen’s work at Disney, but I haven’t seen word that such a book exists. Is there anything close?

  • Rooniman

    Seems like an incarnation of Tarzan (this and that movie came out 1999).